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Stainless Steel Play Stand

Stainless Steel Play Stand

60cm x 40cm x 82cm


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Stainless steel play stand with 2 feeder bowls and toy hook with food skewer. The perch has extra grip. Also 2 rings hooked over to hang toys on.

Bowls are tightenened into the holders making them hard to remove.

The stand has 2 bar steps lower down for your bird to climb on with a further 2 rings on for hanging toys, the rings are attached over a nodule so the bird cannot remove them.

On wheels so easy to move around with 2 lower trays which sit in place and are easy to remove and clean.

Stand size 60cm x 40cm x 82cm Suits Macaws, African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Galahs and smaller birds

Please note this is not polished stainless steel so will have some scratches on it initially. To make this bird safe there are no chemicals or sprays used on it.

Stainless Steel Play Stand
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