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T Perch Table Trainer

T Perch Table Trainer Size 26 x 30 x 28.5cm


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Ideal for training your birds to fly to you, practise stepping up or for birds which are not tame and you need to build relationships and trust with.

Small and lightweight you can easily carry the stand to different rooms, perfect for putting so your bird can see out of a window or can be put on top of play top cages as a different perching area.

You can easily move your bird around using the stand if he is not willing to step up onto your hand.

Works great for all smaller, medium and large parrots. African Greys, Amazons, macaws, Cockatoos etc

Size 50cm high x 26cm x 26cm when at full height

Please note the height is adjustable to suit your needs

T Perch Table Trainer
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