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Teach Box N Bank Small

Teach Box N Bank Small


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LEVEL 1:  All parrots love to insert objects inside other objects. It is a natural game to them. The goal here is to teach them to do it on COMMAND. The Teach Box is rewarding for the bird because it is easy to do. The Teach Box includes discs and coins. As you will notice, the game presents openings on top and has no bottom. The Teach Box is, in fact, 2 games in 1. The Teach Box is a game of initiation to training. With this game, the bird “learns how to learn” and gives you the opportunity to initiate with him, the ritual of the “training session The bird will expect to learn and play each time you install him on the training table.

Suitable for Senegals, Cockatiels, Jardines and similar sized birds

Teach Box N Bank Small
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