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Toy Pack I, Senegal, Grey

Toy pack I


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Designed for Greys, Senegals and similar sized birds pack includes

The small boing is made from brightly coloured cotton rope. With a sturdy metal middle you can manipulate the boing to hang as low as you want, approx 39cm (when not stretched out) x 18cm diameter.Stacks of wood with soft preenable hanging rope dangling down over the entire toy. Lots of fun for African Greys and similar sized birds, may help those who feather pluck. Size approx 30cm
Balancing stack toy moves and changes shape as your bird chews it, smaller thinner wooden slats are combined with wooden beads, plastic chain and leather with hanging bells to create sound, texture and chewing fun for African Greys, Senegals, Galahs and similar sized birds. Toy approx 35cm Flexi Bead & Blocks Wooden beads and blocks on flexible cotton rope for chewing and preening.  Size approx 35cmKnots & Balls Birds love to chew and preen so they`ll love to chomp their way through the chunky wooden shapes down to the soft preening rope underneath  Approx 45cm