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Toy Pack J, Climbers Pack

Toy Pack J


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For small and medium birds such as Senegals, African Greys etc a fun climbing toy pack.

The Log Man is a great toy for small and medium sized birds. With a natural wood log body, a thick chunky leather middle and a bird safe hanging key at the bottom the log man in enjoyable to chew and destroy with his different textures including hanging rope too.

Knotted Rope - This 40cm long knotted rope is great for your birds to swing from in true Tarzan style, a good toy to preen and chew.

Hanging natural Bamboo root for birds to climb and swing on, with added rope you can design this toy any way you want adding pieces to it. A real fun unusual texture. Size approx 35 x 20cm

The small cargo net is made from natural rope which is less likely to fray and tangle when chewed.With chunky well bound knots the cargo net is suitable for all bird types. Great for cages, aviaries and bird rooms. With 4 metal rings, one at each corner to allow quicklink fastenings (sold individually) to be added as you require. Can be used vertically or horizontally. Actual climbing part of the net measures approx 56cm (22") x 43cm (16") (2ft x 1.8ft) Net including hanging ropes approx 110cm (44")  x 43cm (16")Rope diameter approx 1.5cm with 2.5cm knots)