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Wood toys for birds are one of the basic staple products you will buy time and time again. Birds love to chew, it is a natural instinct for a parrot to chew their toy and if it ends up in a thousand pieces on the floor it means your bird loved it!

Scarletts Parrot Essentials has the largest selection of wood and rope toys for birds in the UK. Our water based colourants used to make our toys look bright are 100% bird safe toys. Our selection has wood toys for Budgies and small bird toys, through to our medium toys for birds and large wood bird toys which are huge! Macaws destroy wood very quickly so our mega toy and Skyscraper wood bird toys are affordable toys for Macaws and Cockatoos. They are extremely heavy and work great in large bird cages, hung from the ceiling or hooked onto our java trees for birds.

Some birds prefer natural wood toys and we have a wide selection which are not coloured and simply plain bark, pine and java wood bird toys. In addition to this birds also love to preen and that is why rope toys for birds are so popular. They especially love knotted sisal rope and birds prone to feather plucking take great satisfaction from preening bird toys instead of plucking out their feathers.

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Toys for African Grey Parrots and Amazon parrots come in different forms but wood toys for African Greys are very important to keep your bird's beak trim. You may find our shop by bird section useful where you can find wood bird toys for different species of birds. We have wood toys for Parakeets which are very popular pet birds and also love to chew. Your bird may not always initially chew the toy, sometimes they need leaving in the cage for your bird to get used to.

We stock leading brands of wooden parrot toys from the likes of Zoo Max and Adventure Bound, we are always increasing our selection so your birds will not get tired of chewing their toys and always have new choices.

Rope toys for birds are available as climbing rope toys such as spiral boings and hoop toys for birds. Some wood bird toys have tope instead of chain threading the wooden toy pieces onto them to chew