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Treasure Preen Delight

Treasure Preen Delight

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Living World Nature's Treasure Preening Delight - 1 Coloured wooden bead, Seagrass strips, Palm fiber strips, Coloured wooden pieces, Coloured palm nesting filling, Twisted coloured straw grass, Stainless steel wire - with plated steel quick link
- For extra small, small and medium birds
- All natural, hand-made bird toys
- Unique and colourful designs
- Each toy in the line includes a variety of textures and materials for stimulation
- Ability to forage, preen- Promotes exercise
- Safe toys – Made of natural elements found in a bird's natural environment
- Contains no tree wood, no plastic, no metal of any kind, no glue, no rubber, no latex, no toxic chemicals of any kind
- Only food-grade colorants are used
- Multi-colored for visual stimulation and to attract the bird’s attention so they peck at and destroy the toy, not furniture.