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Great value toys for birds, and the quickest way to stock on bird toys

Keeping parrots and Parakeets can be expensive. Many people take in rescue birds and unwanted birds and one of the most expensive factors is bird toys.

Birds love to chew and shred, so if a bird destroys a toy, it means they liked it! Scarletts toy packs are great value toys for birds and a quick way to purchase a good range of toys if you don't have time to scroll through the hundreds of toys available on the Scarletts Parrot Essentials website.

Our toy packs offer great value for money with a range of shredding toys for birds, toys for birds who love to chew, acrylic toys and toy packs for small birds, medium birds and large birds. Not forgetting of course our great range of toys for Parakeets!

We try to include a good selection of toys for people with multiple birds so there is something each bird will like. The toy packs work out as cheap bird toys compared to purchasing individually, saving you money.

It can be very upsetting if you have a bird which plucks. Often this doesn`t mean your bird is unhappy, it is, what we call, a disease of captivity. We have a pluckers toy pack which gives you a range of toys specifically chosen to help reduce the birds' plucking habit. There is no cure for feather plucking but it is a condition we can try to manage and minimise. 

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African Greys toy packs and small bird starter packs are the most popular whilst Amazon parrots love our packs for strong beaks as they love to chew! Macaw toy packs will have some large robust toys for your macaws and our Parakeet toys offer great value for money

Wooden bird toys are perfect for birds to chew and it helps to keep their beaks trim, a bird's beak will keep growing much like a human's nails do, therefore we must encourage them to wear the beaks down and grind them on toys.

Bird toy packs, new bird starter packs and value toy packs make great gifts for friends and family with birds. If you have recently bought a bird or adopted a parrot from a bird rescue centre or bird charity then our toy packs are carefully chosen for you. Perhaps you want a surprise toy pack, which will be different every time. You can select your bird species, then the amount you want to spend and we will choose the best toys we can for your bird. A mystery box of toys can be exciting when it arrives as you don't know what you will receive, but our 5 star feedback shows customers love our value bird packs and keep purchasing them time and time again.

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