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We stock wide range of bird accessories

Scarletts have a wide range of parrot accessories starting at as little as £2! You will find all your parrot essentials with bird accessories ranging from bird skewer kabobs and spare cage door locks, to bird cage covers and vet wrap.

Keeping birds as pets means we are always in need of spare accessories. Feeding our birds correctly means we need millet holders and  branded items such as the savic pincer clips for millet and cuttlebone for birds. 

You need to ensure your bird has a 12 hour sleeping routine to avoid hormonal and aggressive behaviour as well as parrot plucking behaviour, our range of blackout bird cage covers with easy clean material that allows your bird to breathe well are an essential accessory for a bird. 

Often cages have wear and tear and whilst the main cage itself remains in good order, parts need replacing such as feeder door locks and front door locks for cages, we have these bird accessories in stock for next working day delivery here at Scarletts meaning you can secure your bird cage quickly and safely if yours breaks.

Cleaning products for birds need to be measured carefully from concentrate forms and we offer the pump nozzle for our F10 bird cleaners. If you have a sick or injured bird you might need our 5ml or 10ml syringes to measure out bird medication, or alternatively keep in the cupboard with our bird first aid kits should an emergency arise.

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Bird nail clippers, moth traps and bug sprays are all stocked here in the warehouse. Having a bird in the home means household sprays are not safe to use due to the delicate nature of your bird's sensitive respiratory system. It is important that you source bird safe accessories and we specialise in all bird products. Our knowledge of birds is extensive and we have learnt from our own macaws.

We offer new bird starter packs, if you are buying a parrot or parakeet for the first time and need to start off with the basic parrot essentials and accessories then our great value bird packs will help you. We choose exactly what you need to get started with your bird whether it is a small budgie or lovebird, or a large macaw. We have bird packs to suit all birds, and everything in between!