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Java wood is known for its strength. Java wood is sustainably sourced wood for bird toys found in Indonesia. The Java is actually a coffee tree, don`t worry, we know coffee is bad for birds. These trees have stopped producing the beans and are no longer of use to the farmers. The java wood is a bird safe wood which is heat treated giving it extra strength.

Our java toys come in a variety of forms. We have natural java wood and coloured java wood, coloured using water based colourants which are 100% bird safe and attractive to birds to chew.

We have added loofah, coconut shell, bamboo and other materials to make our java wood bird toys great to chew.

The java bosman and similar large java toys make great toys for large macaws such as greenwing macaws and blue and gold macaws whose strong beaks demolish bird toys in no time at all! We have some foraging java wood toys where you can add treats and pieces for birds to find inside. This keeps the mind stimulated.

Java wood swings are popular and java toys make a great addition to our java tree bird stands, add them to your order to take advantage of free postage at Scarletts parrot essentials.

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Small birds are never forgotten either, Lovebirds, Budgies, Cockatiels all love to chew and we have a wide selection of java toys to suit small birds.

You will see that we try to provide the same toy in various sizes so if you have more than one bird they can all enjoy the same toy just in a size and form to suit their species.

Java wood is part of the sustainable forestry scheme and its smooth heat treated form makes a great bird chew toy. You can shop by bird species on the website to narrow down the selection (which is huge) and don’t forget to hop onto our youtube channel and facebook page where you can see all our new java toys and first hand videos of what they are like.

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