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By law a bird must be able to fully stretch out it’s wings in the bird cage

Housing your bird is an important factor when deciding on which species to add. Large birds need large bird cages which means they will take up a lot of space in the house.

By law a bird must be able to fully stretch out his wings in the cage.

Scarletts Parrot Essentials are the UK's leading retailer in bird cages with a wide selection of cages for birds and a great selection of play top cages.

As birds like to chew we only sell powder coated bird safe cages as your birds health is important to us. Our affordably priced parrot cages are available for delivery in 1-3 working days.

We offer 3 styles of bird cages. A dome top bird cage offers the bird maximum internal space. An open top cage offers birds space but also the option to sit up on top of the cage. 

A play top bird cage offers a removable top tray to catch droppings as your bird sits up on a top perch with added feeder bowls. Particularly good if you need to save space in the room and don’t have a bird playstand.

The cage for your bird should have the correct bar spacing for your bird species so it cannot escape from the cage and equally importantly cannot get stuck in the bars.

All our bird cages have the bar strength listed, our 5mm bar strength cages for birds are made for Macaws and more destructive parrots.

The seed catcher helps prevent mess from spreading.

We offer a choice of 2 colours within our cage range, a stone bird cage is light grey in colour, whilst an antique cage is a dark grey paint finish.

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