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Ever since these fascinating birds appeared on the news living wild in parts of the Uk their popularity has risen.

Beautiful in both colour and personality these can be very good talkers and enjoy one on one attention with their owner learning new tricks and games.

They can be kept alone or in groups and we have many different foods available for Ringneck Parakeets. Seed for Indian Ringnecks is popular and all our high quality bird seeds are available for fast delivery. Ringnecks are medium sized Parakeets who often like a pellet food to hold in their feet and eat. Bird treats available at Scarletts Parrot Essentials are narrowed in the shop by bird section to those we think are most suitable for Ringneck Parakeets. Lafeber Nutriberries in 4 great flavours are a healthy bird treat and readily accepted by Ringnecks along with our seed treat bars from the trusted brands Higgins and Johnsons.

Choosing a cage for an Indian Ringneck doesn't need to be expensive, our special offer bird cages on sale at Scarletts offer a great selection of both play top bird cages and dome top cages for Indian Ringnecks. With 2 colours to choose from, the stylish light stone colour and the smart dark gunmetal grey.

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Perches for Indian Ringnecks are important with edible bird perches containing calcium and iodine, nail trimming perches and rope perches for birds. Ringneck Parakeets take easily to new things and adapt well to change which makes them easy birds to keep and you can have great fun swapping things around in their cages.

Bird toys for Parakeets need to be quite robust and large as they should not be underestimated for their power and strength, their beaks are hooked which means they have a strong bite (as many owners will tell you)!

Scarletts are the leading suppliers of Parakeet accessories in the Uk, with our unique selection of toys and perches, providing all the latest brands and high quality foods available, evolving and developing with our manufacturers.