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We stock a large range of bird supplements and vitamins

There is nothing more important to us here at Scarletts than the health of your bird. We stock a large range of bird supplements and vitamins to keep your bird healthy, and it is not just on the inside! With a wide selection of bird shampoo from the popular brand Mango Pet along with anti plucking sprays, bath sprays and Birdcare Company Feather Up powder we can keep your birds healthy on the outside too.

Mineral Blocks and stones are important for Budgies, Cockatiels and birds to peck at regularly for essential nutrients. Our Versele Laga Amazon River Clay Blocks provide essential vitamins for Macaws, African Greys and Amazon parrots found naturally in the wild. 

Daily water soluble vitamins and powder supplements such as Daily Essentials maintain optimum bird health whilst Calcivet liquid and calcivet powder will be a necessity for African Grey Parrots and egg laying female birds. Birds lacking calcium can have seizures and health complications.

Arcadia lighting is essential for a bird to process the calcium In their body.

Blast mites with our natural bird safe Birdcare Company Birdy Finect, killing the egg larvae without harming your bird. 

Every home needs a bird first aid kit along with our Morning Bird Antifungal powder and Blood Stop powder in case of an accident or emergency with your bird to stabilise your bird ready to seek advice from an avian vet. Here at Scarletts we offer peace of mind to know you are doing everything you can to give your bird the very best healthy life.

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Respiratory issues are common in birds due to our dry climate, Wheeze ease can help especially with Macaw parrots along with an air purifier and a good diet. 

We always recommend testing any new bird in your flock for Psittacosis, a disease easily spread through droppings to both other birds and humans.

Signs of illness in birds are lack of appetite, loose droppings and fluffed up feathers. If you see any of these signs please consult an avian vet. We do offer broad spectrum antibiotic treatments for birds after diagnosis.

Spraying your bird with water, bathing your bird keeps your bird's feathers in good health. You may notice he jumps in the water bowl for a bath especially when the hoover is on and the air pressure changes along with the noise replicating the conditions of a storm when he knows rain will be coming.

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