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You may have seen bird shows where trick and training toys for birds are used. You don't need to be a bird expert to work on these techniques with your parrots.

Birds are highly intelligent and you can work with their inquisitive nature to use positive reinforcement and clicker training to reward your bird and encourage him to do these tricks.

Is it cruel to have your bird perform tricks? Not at all, birds love to please, they crave attention and stimulation and enjoy learning new skills and tricks. You may have seen Einstein the African Grey Parrot on Youtube and the Amazon who was with his owner using roller skates for birds.

You can achieve this with your bird with time and patience.

Our shopping trolley for birds and shopping baskets are a great beginner trick toy. You can add your bird's favourite treats and get them to pick them up and place them in the trolley, stage 2 is getting them to push the trolley along the ground.

Jigsaw puzzles for birds are lightweight and easy to do when bonding with your bird outside of the cage.

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The colours of our birdie bagels vary, you can always contact us to see which are in stock but we try to send a mix where possible. Fruit flavoured birdie bagels are popular Superbird We never forget the smaller birds, highly intelligent Quaker Parrots and training toys for Cockatiels are available on our website. The Birdie Hoopla is very popular for small birds and a favourite with our customers.

You can see our customer reviews on our trick and training toys for birds and see they are extremely popular.

Treats are a great tool for getting your birds to use the toys, it's a great way to treat your bird rather than just giving treats in a bird feeder bowl.

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