Whats New at Scarletts Parrot Essentials

Whats New at Scarletts Parrot Essentials
Whats New at Scarletts Parrot Essentials

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    Sandy Window Shower Bird Perch Extra Large
    The texture on the sandy shower perch makes it easy to grip and also trims the nails. Can be used on windows, mirrors,... Learn More
  2. New
    Liberta Eden Small Bird Cage With Play Top
    Suitable for Cockatiels, Conures, and small parrots/parakeets the Eden bird cage has a space saving play top area with... Learn More
  3. New
    Libera Apollo Open Top Small Bird Cage
    Liberta Arizona small bird cage is perfect for Cockatiels, Senegals, Conures etc. With 3mm bar strength and 1,7cm bar... Learn More
  4. New
    A large strong cage suitable for small and medium birds parrots. With the typically high standard zinc free powdered... Learn More
  5. New
    Tropical Fruit N Nut Surprise Mix 100g Healthy Bird Treat
    A healthy mix of dried tropical fruits, a treat for all bird types Learn More
  6. New
    Hulled Sunflower Seeds 100g - Healthy Bird Treat
    Sunflower seeds are healthy when fed in moderation with essential fats and oils Learn More
  7. New
    Sesame Seeds 100g - Healthy Bird Treat
    An oil rich seed known for many health benefits including lowering cholesterol Learn More
  8. New
    Luxury Mixed Nuts Bird Treat 100g
    Treat your bird with our luxury mixed nuts. Rich in viramins. Break into small pieces or feed whole, brilliant in... Learn More
  9. New
    Linseed (Flax) 100g
    A superfood particularly good for digestion and joints. Sprinkle on the regular food or give a pinch as a treat daily Learn More
  10. New
    Fruit N Nut Healthy Bird Treat 100g
    A delicious mix of dried fruit and nuts, a healthy training treat that works great in foraging toys for all bird types Learn More
  11. New
    Coconut Chips 100g - Healthy Bird Treat
    Full of antioxidants and good for the heart coconut flakes suit all bird types Learn More
  12. New
    Cashew Nuts 100g - Healthy Bird Treat
    The subtle milky taste of cashew nuts is loved by most birds and work great in foraging toys. Providing your birds... Learn More
  13. New
    Brazil Nuts Out Of Shell 100g
    Given whole or broken into pieces for smaller birds, Brazil nuts are a healthy treat full of vitamins and suitable for... Learn More
  14. New
    Almonds Out Of Shell 100g
    Almonds are a sweet milky tasting nut suitable for all birds, low in fat rich in vitamin A Learn More
  15. New
    Natures Golden Harvest Vegetable & Bean Mix 1kg - Deluxe
    A delicious mix of healthy vegetables including yellow beans and split peas, Red lentils, Pearl Barley, Quinoa, Dried... Learn More
  16. New
    Dried Pineapple 100g - Healthy Bird Treat
    Packed with bromelain an anti inflammatory which also aids digestion, dried pineapple is a healthy bird treat Learn More
  17. New
    Dried Papaya 100g - Healthy Bird Treat
    Dried papaya has more beneficial minerals than fresh papaya. Rich in Vitamins A, C and B, along with Calcium and... Learn More
  18. New
    Goji Berries 100g Healthy Bird Treat
    Rich in vitamin c and antioxidants goji berries are a healthy bird treat Learn More
  19. New
    Dried Cranberries 100g - Healthy Bird Treat
    Dried cranberries have many health benefits mainly cardiovasular healthy heart, and also helping good eyesight. A... Learn More
  20. New
    Dried Banana Chips 100g
    Banana chips are a healthy treat for all bird tips rich in potassium Learn More
  21. New
    Dried Apricots 100g - Healthy Bird Treat
    Caretanoids are good for the eyes and also the respiratory system, surpressing inflammation in the sinuses. A healthy... Learn More
  22. New
    Apple Rings 100g -Healthy Bird Treat
    Dried apple rings are a nutritious treat for all birds. Smaller birds may need them breaking into smaller pieces though... Learn More
  23. New
    Loopy Laces Bird Toy
    Birds love to preen, our loopy laces are bird safe shoelaces which hang down for your bird to chew, add knots for extra... Learn More
  24. New
    Love Me Bagels Bird Toy
    Chewable fruit flavoured bagels with tough plastic hearts and star shapes and beads. Fun for Budgies, Conures,... Learn More
  25. New
    Roundabout Treat
    All birds love a treat, the roundabout offers chewable pieces wrapped like sweeties to explore, with bamboo pieces and... Learn More
  26. New
    Bagel Hide A Treat Forager
    Chunky bagel with natural foraging cups to hide treats in the middle. A simple foraging toy for small and medium... Learn More
  27. New
    Little Percher Small Bird Stand
    Teeny bird stand for budgies and small birds, very lightweight. Great to keep your companion at your side wherever you... Learn More
  28. New
    Cotton Crazy Bird Toy
    Hanging cotton legs with chewable cholla wood pieces, wooden pieces and discs Size 30 x 5cm Learn More
  29. New
    Natural Magic Circle Shredding Bird Toy Large
    Large loop of natural pine wood to chew with bird safe cardboard pieces, great toy to encourage African Greys, Amazons... Learn More
  30. New
    Fun Climber With Hoop And Ladder
    A fun exercise toy with wooden ladders, wooden hoop and rope ladder bridge. For small birds and rodents approx 35 x... Learn More
  31. New
    Baby Bucket Forager With Woven Paper Sticks
    Shreddable bucket with woven paper sticks, vine flowers, cogs, wooden pieces and any other treats you can hide... Learn More
  32. New
    Magic Box Foraging Training Toy Small
    Acrylic foraging box. Hide treats inside and your bird must remove the pegs on top to retrieve the treat, then... Learn More
  33. New
    Magic Box Foraging Training Toy Large
    Acrylic foraging box. Hide treats inside and your bird must remove the pegs on top to retrieve the treat, then... Learn More
  34. New
    Birdie Beach Hut Medium Bird Toy
    Tightly woven cone top to chew through and exercise the beak with wicker slices and pony beads. A chewable toy for... Learn More
  35. New
    Cluster Of Cups Natural Bird Toy
    A natural bird toy with a woven chewable cone, chewable strips and natural wood cups. Very good for birds who need... Learn More
  36. New
    Circus Bear Bird Toy
    bird safe fuzzy material with coloured straws and a fun topped plastic animal. A bright to to encourage birds to... Learn More
  37. New
    Relax N Swing Hammock
    Fun hammock swing, great for small birds to play in and helps baby birds or disabled birds. Always check for fraying,... Learn More
  38. New
    Ferris Wheel Small Bird Toy
    Plastic ferris wheel, a fun toy for small birds to spin, hide small treats in the seats for extra fun Learn More
  39. New
    Jingle Chain Bird Toy
    Fun plastic chain with acrylic shapes, dice and jingle balls. Colours vary Size 55cm long Learn More
  40. New
    Flower Acrylic Bird Foot Toy
    Birds love to use their feet to play. Our fun acrylic dumbell with dice and moving acrylic flowers is a great easy to... Learn More
  41. New
    Binkie Bird Buddy Small Toy
    Plastic birdie friend with hanging acrylic balls, binkies and bell Size 13 x 8cm Learn More
  42. New
    Little Loops Small Bird Toy
    Pony bead middle with teeny wooden slats to chew with plastic loops and shapes. Fun for all small birds Size 19 x 6cm Learn More
  43. New
    Bouncing Birds Wood & Leather Toy
    Bouncing birds is fun for Conures, Caiques, Jardines etc Wooden birds dangle on leather strips for your birds to... Learn More
  44. New
    Birdie Shopping Basket Large - Training Trick Toy
    Birds can be trained to collect toys and add them to the shopping basket, moving it by pushing it along a flat surface.... Learn More
  45. New
    Giant Beanstalk Climbing Rope
    Large rope for climbing and swinging, knotted for extra grip. Suits African Greys, Caiques, Parakeets etc Size 65cm x... Learn More
  46. New
    Beanstalk Rope Bird Toy
    Climb the cotton rope with knots for extra grip. Great on parrot stands 28cm long x 2.5cm diameter (knots approx... Learn More
  47. New
    Rainbow Chain Wooden Bird Toy
    Chunky wooden bridge of blocks with hanging plastic chain (where you can hook more toys if you wish) with hanging legs... Learn More
  48. New
    Leather Plait Medium Bird Toy
    Woven leather body where you can hide treats for foraging if you wish, with leather legs and knots leading to wooden... Learn More
  49. New
    Mirror Mirror In My Cage
    Mirror mirror in my cage, who is the cutest birdie after all.... Natural wood perch with mirror, suitable for small... Learn More
  50. New
    Leather Forager Medium Bird Toy
    Leather forager. Cram with your birds favourite treats, shredded paper, nuts, scrunched paper etc and let him forage... Learn More
  51. New
    Foot Toy Rope Block
    Fun foot toy with soft cotton rope and wooden blocks, can your bird lift his dumbell! 40cm long x 2cm diameter rope... Learn More
  52. New
    Reels N Stars Natural Bird Toy
    All natural bird toy with vine hoops, natural wood cogs, stars and shapes, irresistable for medium parrots Size 35 x... Learn More
  53. New
    Leather Legs Leather Bird Toy
    Chunky leather square with hanging leather legs and wooden pieces. Birds love to chew vegetable tanned bird safe... Learn More
  54. New
    Double Sisal Hoop Climbing Toy
    Double sisal rings, safer than cotton and fun for birds to climb, swing and sit in. 30cm total length x 16cm. Each... Learn More
  55. New
    Leather Logs Medium Bird Toy
    Wicker ball with hanging leather laces threaded with chunky colourful wooden pieces to chew. Suitable for African... Learn More
  56. New
    Natural Pine Bars
    Some birds just love natural wood, the softer pine in slats and chunks adds layers of fun shapes to chew for smaller... Learn More
  57. New
    Loopy Bell Ball
    Plastic jingle ball with chewable beads and vine rings, suitable for small and less destructive medium parrots Size 18... Learn More
  58. New
    Little Gem Bird Toy With Beads
    Small birds will love the different shapes and materials on this toy. If they are not chewing the wooden stars or... Learn More
  59. New
    Little Bird House
    Little wooden play birdhouse with pony beads, wooden disc and bell. Great for small birds such as budgies Learn More
  60. New
    Gold Coins Small Bird Toy
    Rolled shreddable coin circles with pony beads, a fun toy for Cockatiels, budgies and small birds Size 28 x 6cm Learn More
  61. New
    Star Streamer Small Bird Toy
    So much to do on this toy with the wooden chewable star and slats, small beads, vine ball and coloured paper pieces.... Learn More
  62. New
    Loofah Whale Of A Time
    2 Loofah whales with loofah pieces and wooden slats on hanging leather lace. A whale of a time chewing for small... Learn More
  63. New
    Healthy Beak Mineral Block Bird Toy
    Your birds health is very important. Here not only with the minerals in these 2 stones help your bird remain healthy... Learn More
  64. New
    Butterfly Blocks Bird Toy With Lollipop Sticks
    Beautiful bright wooden butterfly with lollipop stick wings, hanging cotton rope with chewable wooden pieces. Perfect... Learn More
  65. New
    Loopy Leather Medium Parrot Toy
    Loopy leather bird toy has discs of loofah hanging on leather strips, each one with lots of leather knots your birds... Learn More
  66. New
    Sweetie Swing Small Bird Swing
    Natural wooden double perch swing with fun colourful plastic sweeties and hanging bells. Perfect for Budgies, Conures,... Learn More
  67. New
    Pear Pieces Wood Bird Toy
    Your bird will love to destroy this fun bright wooden pear with tantalising wooden beads and slats hanging down to add... Learn More
  68. New
    Loofah Tumble Medium Bird Toy
    Natural pine slats with leather laces and lots of natural loofah pieces to chew! Size 32 x 15cm Learn More
  69. New
    Wicker Ball Slats Bird Toy
    Your bird will love to chomp his way through these thin wooden slates and wrap his beak around the chunky wooden balls.... Learn More
  70. New
    Leather Crab Dangle Bird Toy
    Birds will love to chew their way through this wooden crab on hanging leather strip with wooden bead balls, whiffle... Learn More
  71. New
    A high quality mix of Maple Peas, Wheat, Round Berry Maize, Red Dari, Blue Peas, Safflower Seed, White Peas, White... Learn More
  72. New
    PureMate HEPA 501 Air Purifier with 4 Speed Settings, for Home Allergies dust Pollen
    3 STAGE AIR PURIFICATION: True HEPA filter captures up to 99.97% of airborne allergens such as household dust, pet... Learn More
  73. PureMate PM505 Hepa Air Purifier
    PureMate 5 IN 1 Air Cleaning System:  With Negative Ion Generator Activated Carbon Filter for chemicals, gases... Learn More
  74. New
    Super Soaking Healthy Food Mix 1kg
    A high quality mix of Maple Peas, Wheat, Round Berry Maize, Red Dari, Blue Peas, Safflower Seed, White Peas, White... Learn More
  75. New
    Marriages Fun Foraging Seed Mix
    A seed mix to add variety to your birds diet. Great to add in foraging toys to make him work for his food.... Learn More
  76. New
    Marriages Canary Seed With Yellow Biscuit
    Deluxe canary seed mix with added yellow biscuit, vitamins and minerals. Ingredients Canary Seed, Black Rapeseed,... Learn More
  77. New
    Marriages Fruit N Nut Feast Bird Food 10kg
    A feast for those ‘nuts about their birds’. With added vitamins and minerals. Contains 37% fruit and vegetables 13%... Learn More
  78. New
    Flying Trapeze Binky Ball Large
    Large chewable natural mat with plastic chain sides and a hanging full size binky ball  Size Approx 25 x 36 x 31cm Learn More
  79. Tip N Tilt Bird Forager
    A foraging toy with a clear acrylic so the treats are easily seen. Tilt and pull the 2 acrylic pieces to allow the... Learn More
  80. Rope Arch Swing Small
    Sturdy rope swing holds its shape well and tightly bound. Learn More
  81. New
    Rope Arch Swing Medium
    Sturdy rope swing holds its shape well and tightly bound. Learn More
  82. New
    F10 Aerosol Fogger Complete Room Sanitiser 500ml
    F10® Aerosol Fogger is a 500ml single use canister for complete room disinfection. Simply place the canister in the... Learn More
  83. Coconut Jig Wooden Bird Toy
    Wooden Coconut toy with hanging wooden discs, the variety of shape and textures encourages birds to grind down their... Learn More
  84. New
    Feather Shredder Bird Toy
    Shredding bag with shreddable paper. Size approx 25cm suitable for African Greys and medium birds. May help prevent... Learn More
  85. New
    Wing Nut Puzzle Pack 4
    Pack of 4 wing nut foot toys. Various colours. Birds love the texture and use their tongues to unfasten the wing... Learn More
  86. New
    Forage N Swing Large
    All natural materials make the forage n swing great for your bird. Chunky wooden perch is easy on the feet and it is... Learn More
  87. Forage N Swing Medium
    All natural materials make the forage n swing great for your bird. Chunky wooden perch is easy on the feet and it is... Learn More
  88. New
    Sunflower Kernels 1kg
    Sunflower hearts are a delicious treat containing necessary fats and omega oils, fed in moderation as a treat or reward... Learn More
  89. New
    Chia Seeds 1kg
    Packed with antioxidants and protein Chia seeds are a nutritious treat for all bird types. Add to your main seed mix,... Learn More
  90. New
    Astro Lobe Rope Climber
    This tightly wound rope toy is fun for small birds to climb through and medium birds to swing on. Great for in the... Learn More
  91. New
    Knotty Tower Wood, Leather, Maize Bird Toy
    Chunky wooden cubes sat on a maize mat, with wooden beads fastened with knotted leather(birds just love knotted... Learn More
  92. New
    Dangling Discs Wooden Bird Toy
    Wood & Rope bird toy with wooden discs and wooden beads, chewing fun! Size 34 x 11cm Learn More
  93. New
    Crazy Cage Side Spinner Acrylic Bird Toy
    Acrylic bird toy which fixes to the side of the cage, with small beads inside which rattle with every spin. Size 10.5... Learn More
  94. New
    Snooze Hut - Large Bird Hideaway
    Snuggly quilted snooze hut, somewhere soft for your bird to sleep. Supervision recommended and always check for signs... Learn More
  95. New
    Snooze Hut - Small Bird Hideaway
    Snuggly quilted snooze hut, somewhere soft for your bird to sleep. Supervision recommended and always check for signs... Learn More