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Latest bird accessories and products

When it comes to bird accessories Scarletts Parrot Essentials has the largest selection in the Uk – but we don`t stop there! We are constantly listening to the needs of our customers and their parrots and we add new bird products to our website every week! Some of the biggest brands in bird toys are developing new bird toys as you read this and Scarletts work closely with all the leading suppliers to bring you essential new bird products.

Sourcing new bird toys and products is something we are passionate about and we even develop our own products so we have something new for your bird which will be exciting and stimulating.

New products for medium birds are popular due to the fact that many people own (or are owned by)African Greys, Amazons and Indian Ringneck Parakeets. We don't overlook the rest of the bird species though, Scarletts offers new bird products for Budgies, Cockatiels and small birds and large bird owners need look no further than us for new toys for Macaws and large birds.

There are new ranges of bird cages becoming available in the UK and we always have new seasonal toys including Christmas toys for birds, Easter Offers and new bird perches.

Where your bird's health is concerned we are looking to source new bird foods with fresh ingredients and natural holistic beneficial ingredients such as edible herbs and flowers. 

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We consider our customers birds to be more of an extended family to our own, therefore your bird is very important to us. We know how bored they can get with the same old products, so we are always looking for information and ideas from customers on what birds want and what birds need so we can bring you the most affordable and newest bird products.

When buying new Parrot products you need to know you will receive the very best customer service and we aim to dispatch all goods within 24 hours of your order. We stock a wide selection of products for Parakeets but our new Parakeet range is increasing weekly and we have several hundred bird and parakeet products for sale.

You can buy your Parrot Essentials from us knowing every time you come to shop with us you will find more new bird products. If you sign up to our weekly newsletter you will be the first to learn of new bird food and new bird toys available on our website whilst taking advantage of introductory offers and savings.

Keep watching our Youtube channel and Facebook pages for our useful videos and pictures of our new products so you can easily see the exact sizes and materials, packaging etc of our bird products for sale.