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Forums are a great way of meeting like minded bird keepers. There are always so many new things to learn, experiences to share and we all need help from time to time when things are not going as well as we would like with our birds. There are many different forums, why not have a read through and findone you feel most suits you and the birds you keep. You`ll find us on most of them!!
Click on any of the banners and find out what they are all about. You will also find information on parrot rescue and adoption, boarding, and Parrot Sanctuaries

African Grey Forum

Problem Parrots

                                                                                                                                                       All Star Parrot Rescue


Paws & Beaks Parrot Borading

Paws and Beaks

The Real macaw

Eclectus Group

Love Your Grey Parrot Breeder/Group/Facebook Group

Reputable Breeders

HampshireElite Parrots Tel: 07944762772

Suffolk - 07779 085595
Conure/Lovebird Breeder


Parrotlets Based In The South - Scotty

Kakariki Breeders Liverpool Area -  Tel 07858843451