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Comfort is important to your pet bird, add a hideaway to your bird cage

If you are setting up your bird cage with accessories and want somewhere comfortable for your bird to roost, a hideaway can be perfect. Many birds sleep in hollows in trees in the wild and snuggling will make them feel safe and secure.

When using a small bird hideaway it is vital you stay vigilant and check regularly for signs of fraying and chewing. You should replace your bird's tent regularly; which is an affordable process given our special offers on bird toys at Scarletts Parrot Essentials.

If you have an African Grey parrot or require a bird hideaway from a medium sized bird we stock the Adventure Bound Cube Hidey. This is the largest bird hideaway on the market with a big opening front and a material which is far less prone to fraying.

The large cardboard chube can be pierced and hung in the birdcage if you want to or can be placed on the ground. Some ground dwelling species such as Cockatoos will love these to play with on the floor along with Parakeets.

The Cozzy Hut from Happy Pet Bird is available in 2 colours, yellow and green. Birds can be very sensitive to colours and we are happy to select particular colours for you if you message us.

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The Sputnik hideout suits birds and small animals, the plastic material is very easy to clean and you can hide treats inside for your birds or nesting material to shred.

It is important to remove hideaways if your bird is hormonal as it can prolong the behaviour. Place the snuggle hut back on the bird's cage once the hormonal period passes. We have a selection of products to help birds with hormonal behaviours.

Your bird may prefer a hammock style toy to rest on. If you have a disabled bird, a bird with foot sores, a young bird or a sick bird then Scarletts hideaways and bird huts can be very helpful and make the life of the bird much more comfortable. Placed next to or even on our bird shelves and bird ledges the hideaways work well for giving a bird stability.

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