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Along with the usual bird toys which hang in the cages, Scarletts Parrot Essentials has a good choice of foot toys for birds. These are very popular especially with Amazon Parrots, Cockatoos, Caiques and Pionus. Though most birds love foot toys.

They are great to use outside of the cage for your bird to hold, chew and play with. Birds grip very well with their feet and foot toys help exercise the leg muscles and prevent arthritis.

We have leading brands of foot toys for birds from Superbird Creations, Aussie Bird, Mango Pet Products and more. Acrylic foot toys are long lasting and easy to clean though you must ensure they are not dropped from a height otherwise they crack and break.

Balls for parrots are great. Harley will roll his ball long the bottom of the cage and then retrieve it with his foot and pass it up to his beak!

Foot toys are cheap bird toys which last a long time and can be put on shelves and platform perches within your bird's enclosure or scattered on the bird cage floor. If you have an aviary you can place them on the bottom and encourage the birds down to use the entire space.

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Sneaker shoes for birds, flip flop crocs and dumbbell bird toys are some of our best selling foot toys for small birds. Cockatoos and large bird foot toys tend to be made from wood. We have unique bird toys you won't find anywhere else like our Fab Lollipops for parrots and the foot toy bird safe toothbrush which are great because birds are like kids and always want the things they can't have such as our household items. These are all bird safe foot toys.

Seagrass foot toys are a natural bird toy and woven paper sticks often called finger traps are woven paper foot toys which birds just love! Woven paper sticks for medium birds are great for hiding treats inside and encouraging your birds natural foraging instincts.

Hagen bird toys have natural materials which some bird owners prefer but all of our toys and parrot essentials which you`ll find featured on our website in the shop by bird categories and foot toy sections are made using bird safe materials and colourings. You can see this on our social media pages.

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