Climbing Nets For Parrots

For most birds their natural instinct is to be up high, our Hoops for parrots are mostly made from rope and make great toys to hang from the ceiling. We have large parrot hoops big enough for a Macaw and Umbrella Cockatoo and smaller hoops for Cockatiels, Budgies etc. Cotton rope hoops are tightly bound and easy to grip whereas Sisal rope hoops fray less so are good for birds who chew.

Spiral boing ropes are a very popular bird toy, they love to bounce on the rope and climb up, you can hang a wood bird toy right next to it so they can climb up and down and reach all the wood pieces.

Our Astro lobe and sphere climbing toys for medium birds are really good and available in a variety of sizes. These toys double up as bird swings and if you do not have enough room for a bird stand you can hang them from the ceiling above the cage and save space in the room.

You will also find they work well on java trees for birds.

Budgie ladders and ladders for cockatiels are available at Scarletts Parrot Essentials. Wood bird ladders with pedicure rung steps trim your bird's nails and are good for grip.

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Some ladders have a quicklink at each corner meaning you can use them as a ladder or hang them horizontally across the birds cage to form a bridge

Cargo net climbers are also perfect bird toys especially for African Greys and medium birds. You can hang them on the outside of the cage, across the ceiling or in a bird aviary. Scarletts Cargo nets are all strongly knotted high quality bird toys. You can of course shop by bird species on our website to narrow your search of climbing toys for birds and see all our youtube videos on our social media channels.

We have a great variety of climbing toys for birds and triple rope hoops, coloured hoops and white hoops for birds who do not like colour. Our rope triangles are also great hanging toys.

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