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Amazon parrots are widely kept in aviaries and as pets across the world, but we are known as a nation of parrot lovers and that is very true here in the UK.

Our selection of bird toys for Amazon parrots varies from those suited to the Oranged winged Amazons and Double Yellow headed Amazons to the Blue fronted Amazons and more. We have a massive selection of cheap bird toys for Amazons to keep them busy with wood bird toys, shredding toys for Amazons and a great variety of foraging toys as Amazon parrots are well known for their intelligence.

Amazons can be prone to hormonal behaviour, eye pinning and tail fanning are classic signs and our healthcare range for Amazon Parrots has supplements to help reduce hormonal behaviour, biting and screaming while keeping your bird healthy. Vitamins and supplements for Amazon Parrots are available from well known brands such as The Birdcare Company and Morning Bird Products available right here at Scarletts in our shop by bird section.

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If you need a cage for Amazon parrots then look no further than our very popular and trusted brand of Rainforest Cages where you will find cheap cages for Amazon parrots. You might decide on a play stand for your Amazon parrot or have breeding birds in need of an aviary, we have you covered! Liberta Amazon parrot cages are also hugely popular and you can find a selection of videos on our Youtube Channel.

Arcadia lighting works closely with us providing you with all your UV light for Amazon birds and a variety of accessories to keep your bird cage kitted out with all the latest Parrot Essentials.

Amazon Parrots need a high level of vitamin A to stay healthy and our bird food for Amazon Parrots is carefully selected to fulfil the dietary needs of your Amazons. We have a great range of treats for Amazon parrots too, fruit cup jellies, the ever popular Harrisons power treats, a selection of Higgins bird foods and many more top brands of bird treats available at the lowest possible prices.