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If I knew then what I know now, Parrotlets would be my first choice bird to keep! Quakers and Parrotlets are sweet, pretty birds who love to play on the floor with a ball or a foot toy and equally love their hidey huts and snuggle dens. We have a large choice of snuggle huts for Parrotlets and Quakers available in the shop by bird category.

Quakers can be noisy especially if they don't have the stimulation to keep them busy, that's why our new products section is constantly adding new things to keep those active minds busy.

Parrotlets and Quakers are small birds requiring cages with the correct bar spacing to ensure their safety. Popular models of cages for Parrotlets and Quakers include the Rainforest Amazona Range which are stylish and well built with easy access feeder bowls. Cleaning your Quakers bird cage is simple with our range of cleaning products for birds, the F10 range effective against covid 19 and avian flu are particularly popular.

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Scarletts brands of foods for Parrotlets and treats for Quakers are extensive, affordable and high quality. We pride ourselves in building relationships with leading manufacturers such as Avian specific bird seeds, Harrisons Organic Bird Foods and Tidymix bird treats to ensure you have the very best we can offer in the range. We also have our own Scarletts treats and foods, these come in smaller bags to enable you to try your bird with them first so you don't end up spending a lot of money and finding out the bird doesn't like it! Lafeber Nutriberries for Cockatiels and small birds are readily accepted by these species and recommended by avian vets for their nutritional content and variety of flavours.

Accessories and bowls for Quakers and Parrotlets can be important as spares to make sure you can add them to your cage and make food, water and treats accessible at all times. Travel cages, harnesses and holiday cages are all available on our website and you can order online or by telephone.

Our Facebook and Youtube channel has great tips and advice for Parrotlet and Quaker owners.