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Scarletts Parrot Essentials are the leading supplier of products for Senegal Birds in the UK. Meyers parrots are far less common than Senegals but have very similar needs and we cater for both in this shop by bird section.

Senegals are extremely active birds, small in size but huge in personality and can be very nippy if they are not properly entertained with the correct toys for birds.

Your Senegal needs wood toys to chew and plenty of shredding toys to keep him occupied. The toys in our Senegal/Meyers section are specifically chosen to give your Senegal foraging, puzzle, shredding, climbing and hoop toys. Ladders for Senegal parrots are popular as these little birds love to use all the space in their cages and will often venture down to the bottom. The Liberta Angel cage is perfect for creating a little den to play in over one side while the spacious Rainforest Santa Marta has an opening top play area so when you allow your Senegal out of the cage he has somewhere to sit.

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Senegals and Meyers parrots can be very dusty birds and it is important they are sprayed or showered weekly. You can use our range of Mango Pet Bath sprays with added aloe vera or use a shower and window perch to take them into the shower with you.

Once they dry off, a UV light to sit underneath helps them absorb and process the vitamins and calcium in their food. They need a high quality seed diet for Senegal parrots and we have several to choose from, AS35, AS45 and AS30 being our most popular food for Senegal Parrots. Some owners prefer a pellet diet, it is a complete diet with less mess than seed and comes in fruit blends and natural pellet varieties. We like to spoil our birds and treats for Senegals are also found in this section to enrich their lives. You can add treats to their foraging toys to keep them busy though the day especially if you are at work