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African grey parrots are complex birds who can be very nervous of change and new things. We are very aware of this and should you require an item in a specific colour you can always contact us and we will do our best to match it for you.

African greys need extra calcium in their diet and we have a wide selection of bird food for African Greys to meet their dietary requirements. Our complete pellet diets for Congo Greys and Timneh Greys offer all the essential vitamins and minerals needed to keep your bird healthy where our low sunflower seed mixes help avoid fatty liver disease which is very common especially in African Grey parrots.

When selecting to shop by bird it narrows down the range to those we feel most suitable for your bird species, allowing you then to choose for your specific bird.

Toys for African Greys often need to be hung outside the cage for a while until your bird gets used to them, that's not always the case, some African Greys take to new toys really well but for some it takes time and patience.

Our selection of cages for African Greys will give you plenty of choice from leading manufacturers such as Rainforest Cages dome top cages for African Greys and Play top cages for birds, along with the popular brand Liberta cages which also offer medium cages for birds and open top cages for African Grey parrots. We have a selection of accessories for African Greys such as cage covers, avian lighting, which is essential for African Greys to process the calcium within their body, and also helps prevent feather plucking.

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If you have a sick African grey you will find antibiotics and healthcare products for African Greys from Morning Bird Products and The Birdcare Company.

Scarletts offers you a wide selection of bird toys for African Greys so they will never be bored, foraging bird toys are very popular for this clever species.

We have specialist foods for African Greys such as Johnston and Jeff African Grey Low Sunflower seed mix and the very popular AS30 No peanut no sunflower seed mix. Sunflower free mixes are low in fat which is very important for your birds health