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We stock a huge variety of bird toys and accessories

Bird toys are very important to keep your bird occupied and avoid feather plucking. Our exceptionally intelligent parrots need a wide range of toys to encourage natural behaviour.

Foraging toys for birds are extremely popular here at Scarletts and we offer different levels of difficulty to suit all bird species.

All birds need to chew wood to keep their beaks trimmed, in the wild they would chew on tree branches and forage through materials for food and water. In a caged environment we must provide our birds with a range of toys to enable them to grind their beaks down. Scarletts offer a wide range of safe bird toys using only natural water based colourants. 

Rope toys are good for birds who live alone, they can preen them like they would another bird's feathers.

Most birds love colour but some birds; especially African Greys can be very sensitive to certain colours and will not tolerate them. If this is the case you can contact us and our staff will do their best to ensure you receive a colour to suit your bird's needs.

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Acrylic and plastic toys are long lasting and make great value bird toys which are easy to clean. We import bird toys from all over the world creating partnerships and sustainability in countries all over the world.

Many leading brands of parrot toys such as Zoo Max, Adventure Bounce Aussie Creations, Superbird and Birdie Bagels are found on our website and we have many Youtube videos posted across social media to enable you to choose the right toys for your birds.

Our range of trick and training toys give you a chance to bond with your bird. Birds love to please and using a clicker trainer and rewards with your birds helps encourage them to learn new things with your supervision and guidance. Positive reinforcement teaches your bird good behaviour and clicker training techniques work very well here. This can avoid aggressive bird behaviours and biting, along with screaming and plucking.

Cockatoo Parrots, Caiques and Conures love foot toys. Not all birds like to be up high, some birds are ground dwellers and love a selection of bird toys on the ground to hold in their feet and chew. Caiques are even known to roll on their backs and play with toys.

If you are struggling to choose toys for birds or you have a new bird and are unsure what to buy, check out our value toy packs. You can select by bird type here or select an amount to spend and let us choose a mixed selection of toys for you.

Whatever your bird type we have toys to suit them all with thousands of parrot toys to choose from. You can use the menu to shop by bird where you will find safe toys for your species or shop by brand to choose your favourites.

We have a great selection of toy making parts including wooden blocks, vine pieces, rope and chain so you can get the children involved and make your own bird toys exactly the way your bird likes them.