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Add some excitement to your pet birds life with ladders for birds

A large variety of ladders for birds can be found right here at Scarletts Parrot Essentials. Ladders for Budgies and Cockatiels are very popular as often a budgie cage can be quite tall and a ladder will help smaller birds navigate the cage well.

Ladders for medium birds such as African Greys and Cockatoo Parrots are good exercise and most wooden bridges double up as ladders with quicklink hangers at all 4 corners meaning they can hang vertically or horizontally.

Our smaller 5 step bird ladders have sanded rungs to help trim the birds nails as they climb.

The wood bird toy bridges are excellent to drape across the top of a dome top bird cage if you have multiple birds. That way, if a bird lands on top he will land on the bird bridge not the bird cage and the bird inside the cage will not bite his toes. A common problem us bird owners face!

There are a variety of different materials our bird toys are made from, bamboo ladders are a great natural bird toy while the more traditional two step and three step ladders have rope on them and are more flexible. Some ladders even double up as a bird swing!

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Longer ladders make great ceiling toys for a bird aviary or a bird room. You can hang them from our java tree bird stands to allow your bird free access to climb on and off the play stand or hang them across the ceiling to allow your bird to climb back to his cage where it is not practical/possible for your bird to fly.

Encouraging birds to climb will exercise them and promote good health. Our java ladders are oven baked for extra strength and are a suitable macaw ladder, they make great bridges for large birds and are affordable bird toys. Some of the plastic bridges such as the Adventure Bound Beaded Bridge are best suited to budgies and small Parakeets. These bird ladders are easy to clean using F10 avian ready to use bird cleaner and similar products to sanitise and clean away droppings and mess.

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