Behind the scenes at Scarletts! A little insight into where our goods are stored. I`m sure you want to know that the goods you order are all stored properly before they are sent out to you. So here`s where it comes from!


Goods In.....There`s always lots of new stock and products arriving!


Goods In




Main Stockroom...where the shelves are piled high!


Main Room    

 warehouse3  19


   4     5      8


4  6  


 7    23     21   


 9       11


     13       14       12


       15    17     


    16     20


                            Down The Aisles....

  Aisles  Aisle 2  Aisle 3  aisle 4


 aisle 5 aisle 6 aisle 7 aisle 8

             Bulk Storage areas 1-4...Making sure we never run out!

Bulk Storage  Bulk Storage 2  bulk 3  bulk 5


bulk 6  bulk8  bulk 9  bulk10


bulk11  bulk13  bulk15  bulk16


     bulk19     bulk17      bulk20



                     Java Tree Rooms 1 & 2 AKA The Forest!


      java      java2      java3



java5  java6  java7  java9


                                                  The Food Stores...Because every bird has to eat!


food store     food store 2     food store 3


                            Store Rooms 2, 3 & 4....Toys, Air Purifiers, Lighting, it`s all here...somewhere!


 store  store  store  store


store  store  store  store


store  store  store   store



store  store  store  store


So that`s us, as we stand to date, 15,00 sqft of storage with more being built!

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