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Feather plucking is a common issue with pet birds. There are many reasons a bird plucks out his feathers, it can be due to hormones, breeding, a need to breed, illness, stress or simply a bad habit a bird gets used to.

When a parrot pulls out a feather it releases adrenaline, giving them that momentary rush of feeling good, which becomes addictive. Usually feather plucking is hard to stop unless the root cause is illness and that illness is cured, but even then the habit is set in and it can be a long process.

Often the best thing you can do is try to manage a bird whose feather plucks, rather than cure him. We have lots of toys to help combat feather plucking. Our selection of toys for birds contains stimulating toys with various textures and materials which a bird can preen at and pull to distract him from his own feathers.

Lots of bird toys at Scarletts Parrot Essentials are recommended by our own customers and with feedback from which have helped with parrots who pluck out their feathers we add them to this section to share the knowledge with you.

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Shredding toys for birds are very popular to prevent boredom and the bird will spend his time shredding the toy instead of his feathers. You may have a bird who snips his feathers leaving them jagged and messy rather than actually pulling the feathers out. The Shred It bird toy has proven very successful in these instances.

Our toys for birds who feather pluck can be used alongside our feather plucking shampoos and bird bath sprays to keep the skin soft and moist, prevent sores and stop it becoming dry.

If we can lessen the soreness and itching, as well as distracting the bird from the feathers it gives them a chance to grow back. Arcadia bird lighting will speed up the feather growing process and nutritionally benefit your bird, stimulating the brain function and helping you to stop your bird from pulling out his feathers.

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