Loofah Parrot Bird Toys

We like to give our birds as much variety and stimulation as possible and this includes different textures for your birds to chew. They use their tongues like a muscle and feel their way around toys picking out which areas to chew.

Loofah bird toys are a sponge-like material which is all natural coming from a plant. Our loofah toys are coloured using 100% bird safe water based colourants. These lightweight bird toys are great for travel cages and small bird cages or for birds who are not great at chewing. They are a good introduction to start birds off chewing.

Most loofah toys have some wooden pieces on them to encourage the bird to chew and once they get started they`ll work their way through to the wood.

You will find cheap bird toys made from loofah on our website, most are £5 or under and suitable for African Grey parrots, Amazons, Caiques, Senegals, Pionus, Jardines and medium and small bird species.

Feel free to share your bird videos and pictures on our social media channels, we love to see pictures of your birds playing with the toys as it helps give other customers ideas on what to buy.

Loofah toys for birds come in a variety of shapes and sizes appealing to most species. They are bright and fun and easy to chew. At Scarletts we try to source sustainable materials for our bird toys which protect the environment and support other businesses in other countries.

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Baby birds have softer beaks and prefer materials such as loofah to chew while they are young. Introducing new bird toys can be challenging and takes time and patience. Your bird may not chew the toy straight away, it may need time to become used to it and accept the toy in its cage. This is perfectly normal behaviour and you should not move the toy or change things too suddenly.

One day you are likely to arrive home and find the bird has suddenly decided he likes the toy and has started to chew it to pieces!

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