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A favourite with most birds big and small are the birdie bangles, sometimes referred to birdie bagels depending on their size.

These rings of compressed cardboard make great foot toys for birds and can also be used as toy making parts. Birdie bagels come in a variety of different thicknesses and sizes so they make great toys for small and large birds.

Lots of bird toys have birdie bangles on them, leading brands such as Adventure Bound made the Love Me Bagels small bird toy and the Bagel walls are fantastic natural seagrass parrot toys with bagels hanging down to chew.

The Bird tubes are longer versions of the bangles and are loved by medium birds. For the die hard bangle fans we have toys like the Birdie Bagel Buster which offer masses of giant bagels and the Super Bagel Large Bird Forager.

We have Youtube videos available on our channel demonstrating the various sizes from the mini bitty bagels up to the giant bagels. You can buy large bulk quantities of these bird toys saving you money or smaller packs of 10.

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We have a selection of bird toys which are made from birdie bangles including hoop toys for birds and chewable bird toys. The bangles can be used to replenish older chewed toys and also to make a toy yourself using our toy making parts. This is a great thing to do with the family and we love to see your homemade bird toys on Facebook and our social media pages such as Instagram.

Harley, our Severe Macaw, loves the compressed cardboard of these toys and uses them as foot toys. He likes to chase them along the floor when I roll them like a wheel!

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