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Scarletts are the world's leading specialists in bird supplies. With over 2000 different bird toys and parrot accessories our unique range of toys for parrots means we can offer high quality cheap bird toys and the widest selection of bird products in the UK.

Here at Scarletts we work closely developing relationships with our suppliers to offer you well known brands of parrot essentials such as Rainforest Parrot Cages, Liberta Bird Cages, Harrison's Bird Foods, Zupreem bird pellets, Arcadia lighting, Pretty Bird, Kaytee and all other major leading brands.

Our purpose-built warehouses store goods at the correct temperature in dry conditions as we understand the importance of providing fresh quality bird foods. We do not sell any products with peanuts in the shell as this is the leading cause of Aspergillosis in pet birds. All our foods are carefully chosen for their high quality ingredients ensuring our food for birds and food for parrots are the highest quality pet foods. Fatty liver disease can be prevented by feeding a low sunflower diet.

Our human grade nuts in the shell, walnuts, pecan nuts, hazel nuts, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, almonds, cedar nuts etc prove very popular with Macaws and Cockatoos whilst our best selling bird seed Avian Specific AS30 no peanut no sunflower seed suits all birds from Parakeets and Senegals, through to African Greys, Amazons, Pionus and Caiques. We promote a balanced diet encouraging the use of a pellet complete diet whilst offering supplements and vitamins for fussy feeders and birds who will not convert to a varied diet.


Our huge selection of bird treats including Jelly pots, Tidymix Bird Foods, Tweeters treat sticks, Johnsons Veterinary Seed Bells and Lafeber Nutri Berries mean we offer parrot treats for all birds from small birds Budgies, Cockatiels and Lovebirds through to Senegals, Quakers, Caiques, Conures and Medium Parrot and birds such as African Greys, Amazon Parrots, Galah Cockatoos and large Macaws and Umbrella Cockatoos.

When Scarletts Parrot Essentials first started bird supplies business we learnt a lot from our customer feedback, you can see our google reviews where our 5 star bird products are purchased regularly and our highly valued customers share their experiences of shopping with us. Many customers comment on our zinc free bird cages from leading brands such as Rainforest and Liberta. We are the leading retailer of bird cages with the cheapest prices on play top bird cages and dome top bird cages. Our fast delivery ensures you can house your parrot in their new bird cage quickly and safely avoiding stress for your bird.

Unfortunately from time to time, despite our greatest efforts to care for our feathered families they do become ill. Scarletts offers you all you need to care for your sick birds from vitamins and supplements from The Birdcare Company to first aid kits and travel cages to take your bird to an avian vet. Guardian Angel is well known for its properties to keep a sick bird alive while emergency treatment is sought, and our new range of Morning Bird Products with broad spectrum antibiotics and avian calming formulas help hormonal birds through screaming and bird plucking issues which are common issues with keeping pet birds.

Using our different bird perches and parrot shelves will give your bird's feet a chance to exercise and avoid conditions such as Bumble Foot and Arthritis. Nail Trimming perches avoid costly and stressful vets trips and our edible perches provide your birds with a boost of calcium and natural vitamins.

Keeping your bird cage clean with our F10 products effective against avian flu and Covid 19 are an important part of your daily routine caring for pet birds. Whether you have a bird aviary or an indoor bird cage our range of F10 wipes, F10 Ready to use and F10 concentrate products are suitable for small birds, medium birds and large parrots.

The leading lighting specialists Arcadia Bird supply us with all our specialist avian lights. We know the importance of using the correct bird lamps to avoid cataracts. UVA and UVB are essential for your bird to convert the calcium in his body and brain and for the secretion of vitamin D from the preen gland to help prevent feather plucking. We have a wide selection of toys to help stimulate your bird and prevent feather plucking.

Foraging toys for birds are a great way of keeping your birds active and we are always increasing our ranges to provide you with the latest and most effective parrot essentials.

We appreciate that keeping birds can be expensive, you will always find great offers on our sale bird pages and we offer free delivery on orders over £69 here at Scarletts Parrot Essentials. You will see that we use environmentally friendly packaging where possible and enviro boxes, our products are sustainably sourced and we are an environmentally friendly company playing our part in saving the planet. We keep birds ourselves so we understand the importance of bringing you the highest quality bird products at the cheapest prices. Storing the products well is essential and our staff are trained to pack them properly using only the packaging needed. You will see Harley our Severe Macaw featuring on Social Media and our Youtube videos. We like to be an honest company giving you a real life view of the products we sell so you can see the size of the items and exactly what you are buying. You can also find us on Facebook where you will meet our staff and see first hand our new products, special offers and clearance bird toys.

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