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When shopping for bird toys there can sometimes be such a thing as too much choice, don`t worry! Scarletts are here to help! We have money saving value packs of toys for birds which you can select to suit your bird's style. You might have a bird which loves to shred toys in which case our shredders toy pack is the one to choose.

If you have a strong bird such as an Amazon who loves to chew you would benefit and save money buying our medium bird toys for strong beaks, we will send a selection of toys which take longer to destroy and are that bit tougher.

We`ve selected toy packs for the most popular species, African grey toy packs, macaw toy packs etc where you will receive toys to suit your bird species.

If you cannot find a bird toy pack you like then simply select a surprise box of toys. Select our bird type from the drop down menu. Then select your budget and we will choose the best value toys we think possible for your birds.

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This saves you time sifting through the website trying to find toys for your parrots, you can add a toy pack to your weekly food shop so you have something to keep your bird busy chewing and stimulated. It's a great way to make sure you never run out of parrot essentials!

We have toy packs for birds who feather pluck, this may help reduce stress on your birds feathers. These toys are selected from feedback from customers who tell us which toys actually work for their birds. We can't stop feather plucking, but we can try to manage it.

You might have a budgie or a small bird and want a nice selection of toys to fill a new cage, or it could be the busy little Senegals and Conures you have who love to chew and are very active. We do have a toy pack containing swings for birds too, lots of birds love swings and they can be a great way for birds to access toys hung in the middle of the cages.

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