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Canaries and Finches are most popular as aviary birds. They do very well in large groups kept together in a bird aviary.

Finches come in many different forms and are beautiful pretty birds, they often do well in a mixed aviary and love to fly. If they are kept indoors they need a spacious cage such as the Rainforest Double Flight cage which has an optional divider. These easy to clean cages are available with free delivery at Scarletts Parrot Essentials.

Canary and Finch seed comes in small and large sacks, with 1kg bags of Canary food available from the popular Skygold brand and the 20kg bulk sack Canary food of the highest quality Colonels bird seed.

Treat your Canaries and Finches to our finest millet sprays from Versele Laga. High quality millet is very important for birds to keep them in good health. Other accessories such as cuttlebone for birds can be found here on the shop by bird section along with Johnsons seed bells and honey bars which make a tasty treat and are good for birds to share.

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You must ensure your birds have a variety of bird perches with a differing diameter, this makes the birds open and close their feet and toes which helps prevent arthritis and pressure sores. Natural wood perches and java multibranches work particularly well. You can see some of our bird set ups and cages for Canaries on our facebook page and share your own with other like minded Finch keepers.

Cleaning is a task we never look forward to but must be done! Scarletts has lots of accessories to make the job as quick and easy as possible, droppings need to be cleaned off all your bird accessories and bird feeding dishes with our F10 bird cleaners. These products are effective against avian bird flu and Covid 19. They kill harmful bacteria and viruses making sure your bird's living environment is a safe one, both for the birds and for you.

A travel cage is an essential piece of equipment in case your bird becomes ill, this can be used as a hospital cage to keep your bird quiet while he recovers and can also transport your bird to the vets, with a large front access door making it easy for the vet to catch and examine your bird reducing stress.