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We stock a large variety of bird food and high quality seed mixes

With the widest selection of bird food in the uk Scarletts Parrot Essentials stocks food for small birds along with medium and large parrots and parakeets. Our highest quality avian specific seed mixes contain no peanuts in the shell as these are the leading cause of Aspergillosis which is inevitably fatal.

Instead we fill our bird seed mixes with fruits and nuts for birds along with herbs, spices and natural ingredients. Our Colonels Cockatiel seed range is a daily diet for Parakeets while our Hagen Budgie seed and Hari small bird gourmet food is a staple small bird food diet.

Fatty liver is common particularly in African Greys where seed mixes are too high in sunflower seeds. Scarletts AS30 no peanut no sunflower seed mix is our best selling bird seed closely followed by AS20 low sunflower seed mix.

Tidymix parrot seed offers your bird a husk free seed making less mess and leaving no waste. We also stock Tidymix parakeet seed and Tidymix budgie seed covering the diets of all pet birds.

A pellet complete diet is nutritionally complete and many are species specific. Pretty Bird Hi energy macaw food and Pretty Bird African Grey species cover the nutritional needs of specific bird types.

If you are unsure which foods are suitable for your birds please refer to our shop by bird section where you will find products specifically suited to your bird type.

Harrisons Organic Bird Foods and Roudybush complete diets are both developed by avian vets in the USA. A high potency coarse diet and an Adult lifetime formula meet the criteria of medium bird foods. 

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Soaking seeds and food mixes are great lunches for birds and sprouted seeds, soaked cooked pulses are high in vitamin A for birds. Harrison's bird bread, Tidymix garlic sticks and Tidymix treats are popular bird treats. Smaller birds enjoy the Johnsons budgie seed bells and treat bars from leading brands such as Versele Laga. Large parakeet treat bars with honey are available on our website and treat seed sticks for parrots and parakeets come in a variety of flavours

Scarletts Higgins bird food and treats give a variety of foods ready in minutes which can often be refrigerated. If you have multiple birds our money saving bird food is available in large bulk bags whereas small bird foods are available for single pet and aviary birds.

We all need a treat from time to time and jelly pots are a bird's favourite treats available in strawberry, honey, orange and many more flavours. We offer you a pick n mix food section so you can try some bird food samples without having to spend a fortune.

All our walnuts, pecan nuts, almonds in shell, brazil nuts, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts are human grade. This means they are the highest quality nuts for birds which are sold for humans. Mixed nuts and mixed fruit make great treats for foraging.