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Budgies and Lovebirds are such active birds they are often kept in groups, watching them interact together is great fun and ensuring you provide a large cage such as the Liberta bird cage for Budgies is very important.

Hanging toys for Budgies in the cage helps to break up the line of sight, this means, if any bird is chased or slightly bullied, as they fly away the bird causing the trouble loses sight of them through the toy and the bad behaviour stops.

Budgies love to chew and we have a lot of different coconut toys, hideys and shredding toys for Budgies.

Our great selection of nail trimming perches for budgies means when you handle your birds their nails won't be sharp, the concrete perches gently wear down the birds nails keeping them trim.

We also have wood bird perches and bird shelves and platforms for budgies, these make great spaces to add food and treats for budgies and give them a good surface for their feet to help prevent pressure sores and bumble food.

Budgie seed is available in the highest quality here at Scarletts Parrot Essentials with leading brands of bird seed such as Hagen Gourmet Budgie seed and Colonels Cockatiel seed which is also available in bulk 20kg sacks to save you money on bird food. Our Lovebird food is also available in the form of a pellet from the ever Popular Roudybush brand.

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We have a huge selection of cages for small birds and our indoor aviaries suit multiple birds. Cages for Lovebirds and Budgies should be spacious enough for them to open their wings as they are very active birds.

We all love to treat our birds and millet is very popular for budgies, we have millet holders, spray millet, budgie treat bars and seed bells as well as a huge selection of treats for Budgies and small birds available at incredibly low prices.

Bird accessories can be found easily in the shop by bird section with spare door locks for cages, cage covers, avian lighting and bird safe cleaning products.

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