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Although Jardines are not as popular pets as Senegals, Pionus and some other species of similar size they make some of the best pets. Their dietary requirements are similar to that of a Senegal Parrot and we have a large choice of foods for Jardines. Our seed mixes are all tested for mytoxins and our peanut free seed mixes are very healthy Jardine food. Fresh fruit and vegetables are liked by Jardines and our Higgins leafy green treats are one of many treats for Jardine parrots sold on our website here at Scarletts.

As a team of bird lovers all our staff are here to ensure your orders are picked and packed to the highest standards so when you order your Jardine Parrot Essentials from us you receive the best quality goods, and fast delivery.

Our bird lighting for Jardines will keep your birds in optimum health and help prevent feather plucking. Arcadia Bird researches their bird products to ensure only the latest and best lighting is sold.

Java tree bird stands are popular natural wood stands for Jardines and you can hang wood bird toys for Jardines on them to play with. Our range of F10 cleaning products will ensure your Jardines bird cage is kept spotlessly clean and free from any bird diseases. Poop Off bird spray will clean up any droppings and mess left in your house and furnishings from your birds.

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We rely on our customers' feedback on social media and reviews to develop new products and ensure only bird toys suitable for Jardines end up in the shop by bird section. We have lots of cages to choose from and our Rainforest bird cages suitable for Jardines are free delivery! You can select your cage and purchase a cage cover to make sure your Jardine receives the 12 hours of darkness and rest he needs. Unlike many birds Jardines are steady and take well to new things. This is helpful when keeping them as pets as you can change their cages around regularly to make sure they do not get bored with the same toys