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Birds can be incredibly destructive and often you end up with a half chewed toy that doesn`t look too good hung in the cage. Our toy making parts for birds can be used to replenish partly chewed bird toys and save you money. We have wooden blocks and slats, paper rope for birds and wooden shapes. All kinds of beads and wood discs make great pieces for bird toys.

You may have a fussy bird who only likes certain things, in this case you can make your own bird toys using our toy making pieces. Use the string, vine and cotton rope as central pieces to hang all your different materials for your bird creating a unique bird toy your bird will love!

You can get the kids involved, make it a family affair which can help with bonding especially if you have an aggressive bird which the children cannot touch. Making toys is their way of connecting with the bird.

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We have quicklinks and pear links to enable you to hang the toys in your cages.

Lollipop sticks are very popular as is plastic chain, these are available in a variety of colours. You might prefer a more natural look with some of our bamboo and banana leaf pieces. Our packs of affordable bird toy making pieces range in size so you can make toys for all different bird species.

Birdie bangles are very popular and many toy making parts also make great foot toys.  ZooMax Groovy Blocks are available in small and large sizes, these are one of our best selling toy making parts, birds just love the wood with the grooves and you can hang them easily using the pre drilled holes.

Pony beads and charms are good for smaller birds and parakeets to make the toys appealing and bright. Bird toy making pieces

Leather is another popular material which is often in the form of leather strips or leather squares. These can be used to thread things onto bird toys or the pre drilled squares sit nicely on wooden slats and slices.

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