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Birds are very intelligent. They constantly need stimulation and entertainment. 

Puzzle and foraging toys for birds offer you the opportunity to bond with your bird whilst stimulating your birds imagination and rewarding his behaviour. Positive reinforcement is a great way to do this and many articles have been written supporting the use of puzzle toys.

Puzzle toys for birds can be simple foot toys such as the jumbo nut and bolt where the bird has to work out how to remove the bolt. These are affordable bird toys suitable for small and medium birds.

The more skilful African Greys might need a more challenging puzzle toy such as the foraging wheel or Wheel of fortune bird toy from Caitec. These puzzle toys encourage your bird to retrieve treats from inside the toy, using a clear acrylic bird toy encourages your bird more as he can see the treat inside and he is more likely to work to retrieve it.

Some toys such as the Doors Puzzle toy can be used as a bird toy outside of the bird cage, on the floor, with supervision where you can work one on one bonding with your bird encouraging and praising him to achieve the retrieval of the treats.

Foraging toys can be filled with treats and hung in the cage for your bird if you are busy and need to keep him busy while you are not at home. Birds will entertain themselves by working out how to complete the puzzle toy will keep their mind occupied and prevent them from fretting for you.

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Scarletts has a massive selection of foraging toys for birds which you can select in our shop by bird type selection, saving you time when shopping for your Parrot Essentials.

Kabob skewers are a great way to give your bird fruit and vegetables rather than just placing them in a food bowl. You can hang these in your bird's cage and they move as your bird pecks them, which is exactly what would happen in the wild as they ate food from the trees.