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Birds need fresh air and UV light. If you can give your bird time in an aviary they will benefit massively. Aviary toys need to be robust and you often have more space to hang bridges and climbing toys such as cargo nets and spiral boing climbers. Your bird needs to be able to climb around the aviary as well as fly and our selection of ladders and bridges can be hung from the sides of your bird aviary and across the ceiling. If your bird lands on the floor he may not have the area to fly back up and will need to climb.

Ceiling toys save space in a room and use a whole area which is often forgotten. Hanging hoops from the ceiling gives your bird a whole new level in the room to play. Birds love to be up high and they love to sit up there and stretch and flap their wings.

Hoop toys for birds and rope hoops are very popular and you can screw eye hooks into the ceiling to add chewing toys for your bird to keep them busy up there.

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Smaller birds love to ease in and out of toys hung closely together, you can create a den by hanging toys close together for your parakeets to explore.

On our facebook pages you will see customers' pictures and videos showing how they use our toys at Scarletts Parrot Essentials to kit out their cages and aviaries, share innovative ideas on ceiling toys and how your bird enjoys your play areas.

Scarletts offers you a unique selection of parrot essentials and parrot toys for your birds to keep them stimulated and happy. Letting your bird have at least 4 hours per day out of the cage is very important for his physical and mental state. If you do not have much space in the house or your birds don't get along very well, hanging toys from the ceiling allows them to get away from each other and also creates more play areas without taking up floor space in your house. It also gives them space up high safely away from other pets

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