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Natural toys for birds are important especially for nervous birds such as African Greys. Some birds are afraid of certain colours and you may prefer the natural look in your bird cage.

Our selection of natural bird toys are toys made from more natural materials with less colour giving your bird the same opportunity to chew and shred but in a natural form.

Unlike other companies we source our bird toys from factories all over the world and work with our suppliers to develop new unique bird toy styles.

If you like our range of natural bird toys you will love our shop by bird section where you can find toys suitable for Senegals, Caiques and your specific species of parrots.

In the wild birds would strip tree branches and forage for food so our natural toys give your parrot the closest natural existence we can offer. You can fill your parrot cages with bird toys and still keep everything looking attractive.

Cardboard and shredding toys are a natural way for you to offer your bird the ability to chew, our bird safe corrugated cardboard toys are popular with Cockatoos and Parakeets who love to shred. They are one of the cheapest bird toys available and easy to replace time and time again without breaking the bank. A selection of Scarletts bird toys for medium birds is available in our special offer bird toys section where you can save up to 50% on leading brands of toys for your parrot.

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If you want Cockatiel toys and toys for Parakeets and Lovebirds then we have over 500 toys available and are adding more weekly. Natural bird toy ranges are important for rescue birds who have suffered stress and trauma, they may be scared of new toys and need you to gently introduce toys if they have not been used to them before.

Baby birds and hand reared parrots like natural toys they can chew as they grow and develop their skills, breeders recommend a variety of different materials on your bird toys so they are used to them from a young age and readily accept new products as they mature