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  1. Triple Hex Hoop Climbing Bird Toy
        Tightly bound white rope hexagons with a strong centre making sure they hold their shape. Great for bird... Learn More
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    Fuzzy Shred Medium Bird Toy
      Your birds can search through the fuzzy chewable matierial to find the rolls of corrugated cardboard and... Learn More
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    Planet Parrot Medium Bird Toy
       Central round piece covered with wooden slats, sticks, shredding pieces, wicker ball, rope knots, rope beads and... Learn More
  4. The Shredding Stack
    Large shredding toy Learn More
  5. Ropey Bridge - Bird Ladder Bridge
        Ropey Bridge Toy for Senegals, Caiques etc. Fun, bird safe and colourful! Learn More
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    Zoo Max Wooden Bagels Bird Toy Pack 20
    20 wood Bagel (1/4in X 1.5¨). Nontoxic dye.To built new toys or adding to the one you have. Learn More
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    Rope Rectangle Bird Swing Medium
        The rectangle rope toy is great for climbing in and a good perching area/swing. With a plastic joiner... Learn More
  8. Silly Santa Wooden Bird Toy
        Add some festive fun to your birds cage with the silly santa wood and rope toy. Suitable for African... Learn More
  9. Silly Snowman Wood & Rope Bird Toy
        A fun festive toy with wood and rope for your bird to chew. Size approx 13" x 2.5" suitable for... Learn More
  10. Rudolph Shreddable Pinata
        Fun shreddable pinata for your bird. A fun festive foraging treat for African Greys, Amazons and... Learn More
  11. Polly Wanna Unicorn Pinata Parrot Toy With Treats
        Shreddable unicorn pinata encourages natural foraging instincts 9" x 7" for medium parrots Learn More
  12. Can O Nuts Bird Forager Large
        Can O Nuts tough foraging bird toy. The peanut shaped holes make retrieving the treat difficult as they... Learn More
  13. Birdie Piano Musical Bird Toy
        Your birds will have so much fun playing tunes on the birdie piano. Bright and fun with birdie beak... Learn More
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    30 Piece Toy Making Kits - Large Parrot
          Contains 30 pieces generally Kit includes: (2) Pacifier Beads, (3) 3-Hole Dowels, (3) 2"... Learn More
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    The Cube Large Bird Hideaway - African Grey Amazon Cockatoo
    Birds just love to hide and play, you can give this as a place to sleep or as a den with foraging or foot toys... Learn More
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    Two Hearts Acrylic Bird Foot Toy
    Acrylic foot toy with heart ends and a central acrylic barrel with bells which rattle as your bird plays. For... Learn More
  17. New
    Double Dice Acrylic Bird Foot Toy
        Acrylic foot toy with chunky dice ends and acrylic shapes for African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoo parrots... Learn More
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    Cubes A Plenty - Wood Bird Toy
        Block after block of chompable wooden blocks on hanging string. Suitable for African Greys, Amazons,... Learn More
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    Rope Cascade Parot Toy
    Lots of fun for medium/larger birds with rope and wood to chew. A traditional toy for African Greys, Cockatoos,... Learn More
  20. Christmas Wicker Balls Festive Bird Toy
        Decorate your birds cage with this Christmas Swag, full of chewing fun with wickers balls! Suitable... Learn More
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    Four Pipe Fun - Medium Bird Toy
    Special Price £8.50 Regular Price £10.00
    Tough plastic pipe with chains to pull and lots of wooden slats for African Greys, Amazons etc to chew Size... Learn More
  22. ABC Preener Rope Bird Toy
    Soft preening material with wooden ABC blocks. May help with feather plucking Suits medium parrots, size 30cm x... Learn More
  23. New
    ABC Dumbell Bird Foot Toy
    Large wooden foot toy for birds to chew, with ABC blocks which are chunky and fun! For Amazons, Cockatoos, Greys... Learn More
  24. Sale
    Silly Slices - 70cm Wood Bird Toy
    Special Price £10.00 Regular Price £12.00
        70cm of fun, wooden chewing fun for African Greys, Amazons etc Learn More
  25. Birdie Christmas Tree Wood Toy
        Wood and leather toy to add some festive fun to your birds cage...his very own christmas tree! Suits... Learn More
  26. Wooden Ladder Bridge Medium Bird Toy
    Ladder Bridge bird toy with bird safe colourings 17 x 4 x 91cm Learn More
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    Harry Hammock - Bird Hammock
        A soft and snuggly with the luxury fleece liner. Hangs great in the cage, the perfect place for your... Learn More
  28. Java Pineapple - Shreddable Bird Toy
    A fun foraging toy for medium sized parrots such as African Greys. Filled with natural shreddable materials. Size... Learn More
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    Almond Sandwich Foraging Shreddable Bird Toy
    Special Price £3.40 Regular Price £4.00
    A compressed card foraging toy suitable for Senegals and similar sized birds. Hide treats inside to encourage... Learn More
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    Loofah 3 Tier Stack Parrot Toy
          Natural Loofah toy for African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos and Medium Parrots. 51cm Learn More
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    Veggie Bowl
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £6.00
     With a natural woven basket and wicker and paper vegetables  Size approx 7" x 6" Suitable for African... Learn More
  32. Pickin` Pocket Shredding Parrot Toy
    Folded seagrass mat, securing it with hard plastic clips and stuffing it full of brightly colored paper crinkle.... Learn More
  33. Moon Pie - Chewable Bird Foot Toy
    With woven flowers and wicker vine ballls in the centre a chunky foot toy Suitable for African Greys,... Learn More
  34. Corkscrew - Natural Bird Toy
    Natural woven materials with small pony beads Suitable for Medium birds such as African Greys, Galahs... Learn More
  35. Corn Husk Toss Parrot Foot Toy
    All Natural Material Foot Toy Suitable for Senegals, Greys, and similar sized birds Size 4.5" x 2"  Learn More
  36. Surprise Box Of Toys Medium Strong Beak
    As low as £10.00
    Surprise Box Medium Strong Learn More
  37. Surprise Box Of Toys - Medium Beak
    As low as £10.00
    Surprise Box Medium Beak Learn More
  38. Triple Teardrop Bird Windchime With Calcium
        This toy makes a lovely noise as your bird is playing with it, also attached are some fruit flavoured... Learn More
  39. Shredding Party Bird Toy
        Simple yet loved by so many, 3 large whiffle balls with shredding paper inside. Suitable for African... Learn More
  40. Straw Teaser - Bagel Bird Toy
        Giant bagels with wicker balls, teasing tempting straws and plastic cogs, an ultimate for all shredders... Learn More
  41. Go Green Lantern Surprise Natural Forager
        Made from all natural materials the bamboo lantern is an ideal foraging opportunity, just fill with... Learn More
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    Water Wheel - Large Natural Bird Toy
    Special Price £6.50 Regular Price £9.00
        Made from all natural materials the wood, bamboo, corn, shells etc are all good materials for grinding... Learn More
  43. Bagel Hoopla - Birdy Bagel Toy
        Lots and lots of mini bagels threaded onto continuous plastic links. It`s bright, it`s fun, your bird... Learn More
  44. Hunky Dory Large Bird Toy
          With one mega birdy bagel made from compressed card and lots of chunks of wood, slats of wood,... Learn More
  45. Pinata Garland Large Bird
        A garland of shredding fun material for your bird to destroy. This type of material gives your bird the... Learn More
  46. Space Station Large Finger Trap Bird Toy
        A central compressed cardboard bagel, with outer half bagels. A shredded paper filled vine ball, wooden... Learn More
  47. New
    Birdy Bagel Buster - Large Bird Toy
        Compressed fruity cardboard rings are one of our best sellers for birds and the bagel buster provides... Learn More
  48. Tower Of Bagels - Birdy Bagel Toy
        The toy starts with a bagel and has hanging laces of leather with towers of bagels threaded on. To add... Learn More
  49. Bagel Man Small Birdy Bird Toy
        The Bagel Man is one long body of chomping bagels! With different shapes and sizes of beads for arms... Learn More
  50. New
    Vine Ring Rattle Large Bird Foot Toy
        Lots of birds just love a foot toy to throw around and chew. The fine ring rattle has irresistable... Learn More
  51. New
    Birdie Bite Tubes 1.5" Pack 10
        Brightly coloured, hard cardboard tubes that birds just love to destroy. Parrot Tubes are extremely... Learn More
  52. Birdie Bite Tubes 1.5" Pack 100
        Brightly coloured, hard cardboard tubes that birds just love to destroy. Parrot Tubes are extremely... Learn More
  53. Birdie Bagel Bangles 3" Pack 10
        Brightly coloured, fruit flavoured hard cardboard rings that birds just love to destroy. Using a quick... Learn More
  54. Birdie Bagel Bangles 3" Pack 50
        Brightly coloured, fruit flavoured hard cardboard rings that birds just love to destroy. Using a quick... Learn More
  55. Birdie Bagel Bangles 2" Pack 10
        Brightly coloured, fruit flavoured hard cardboard rings that birds just love to destroy. Using a quick... Learn More
  56. Birdy Bitty Bagels 1" Pack 200
        Brightly coloured, fruit flavoured hard cardboard rings that birds just love to destroy. Using a quick... Learn More
  57. Box Of Fun Small Bird Foraging Toy
        This 8-1/2" x 2" Brightly colored 2" round TUBE stuffed full of coloured crinkle paper, wood... Learn More
  58. Block Tower Toy Wood Bird Toy
        Birds love to get their beaks into crevices and holes, this block toy has wood slotted into varies... Learn More
  59. New
    Bird Safe Pencil Foot Toy Pack 3
        These pencils are 100% parrot safe, made from all wood, no lead they look just like real pencils so... Learn More
  60. Stormy Wicker Bird Toy
        Bird toy made of  wicker, wood parts and sisal rope. Birds will love the many... Learn More
  61. Zoo Max Lolita Palm Leaf Toy
        Bird toy made of palm leaf, wicker, wood parts and cotton rope.  Size approx... Learn More
  62. Boo Boo Seagrass & Wood Bird Toy
        Small toy made of seagrass product, wicker, wood parts Groovy Blocks, and sisal... Learn More
  63. Sea Grass Braided Rope 1/2" x 4ft
        All natural sea grass braided rope, can be used in toy making or just for birds to chew 1/2" x 4ft Learn More
  64. Vine Wreath - Parrot Toy Making Parts 2"
        A perfect 100% natural 2" vine wreath for toy making or to be used as a foot toy Learn More
  65. Vine Tube - Toy Making Part 2"
        100% natural vine woven into a tube, great for toy making or using as a foot toy Size approx 2" Learn More
  66. Large Vine Star - Toy Making Part 4"
        Large 4" Vine star, can be used as a chewable foot toy or in toy making Learn More
  67. Vine Lily - Toy Making Part 4"
        4" x 3" 100% natural vine lily, a great foot toy, add a little treat inside or use it in toy making Learn More
  68. Vine Lantern Large - Toy Making Part 5"
        Large 5" all natural vine lantern, a great chewable foot toy or an integral piece in toy making Size... Learn More
  69. Vine Ladder - Toy Making Part 2"
        Woven natural vine which makes a great foot toy or can be used in toy making, approx 2" Learn More
  70. Vine Heart Small - Toy Making Part 2" x 3"
        All natural vine heart, great for chewing or in toy making. Size 2" x 3" Learn More
  71. Vine Heart Large - Toy Making Part 4"
        Chewable vine heart can also be used in toy making approx 4" all natural material Learn More
  72. Sea Grass Net Ball 2" Natural Bird Toy
        Sea Grass Net Ball all Natural. Approx Size 2¨ A great natural foot toy Learn More
  73. Palm Leaf Flower Small - Toy Making Part 3"
        100% Natural. Approx Size 3¨. Birds love to chew and shred them, great for toy making too Learn More
  74. Pack of 12 Natural Wooden Blocks Toy Making Parts
      Great for toy making or as foot toys these natural wooden blocks are approx 1/2"H x 1 1/2"W x 1 3/4"Long... Learn More
  75. Pack of 8 Cardboard Pieces - Toy Making Part
        Made from 100% non toxic materials these are great to give as foot toys or to use in making your own... Learn More
  76. New
    Pack of 17 Wooden Slices 1 1/2"W x 4 1/2"Long - Toy Making Part
        Great as a foot toy or for making your own toys, repairing old toys etc. 17 Wood Slices per pack Learn More
  77. Jumpy - Multi-textured Parrot Toy - Large
        Made of natural paper rope, cotton rope, with several wood parts. Many different shapes including... Learn More
  78. Jumpy - Multi-textured Parrot Toy - Medium
        Made of natural paper rope, cotton rope, with several wood parts. Many different shapes including... Learn More
  79. Coleop Medium
    Coleop Medium Learn More
  80. Hidden Treat Bird Foraging Toy
        All natural foraging toy for medium birds such as African Greys. The actual barrel of the toy is approx... Learn More
  81. Java Tunnel Foraging Bird Toy - Medium Bird
        Natural chunky card tube with toy pieces, a great way to encourage your bird to forage by hiding treats... Learn More
  82. Minties Double Large Shredding Bird Toy
        Your bird will love shredding and destroying his very own giant sweet! Made from natural materials... Learn More
  83. Sale
    Fish Face Forager Bird Toy
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £6.00
        Birds just love to forage and this cute fish face is great for hiding your birds favourite treats, or... Learn More
  84. Snack Rack Foraging Bird Toy
        Snack Rack is a food finding puzzle toy that will provide your pet hours of foraging fun and reward him... Learn More
  85. Four Big Drawers Forager Large Bird Foraging Toy
        Heavy duty foraging toy specifically designed to withstand big beaks Mount this parrot foraging toy... Learn More
  86. Sliding Drawers Parrot Forager
        This device hangs in the cage and consists of three 2-inch pull out drawers located on 3 different... Learn More
  87. Tubetastic - Plastic Straw Bird Toy
        A fun and unusual toy for African Greys, Jardines, Senegals, Parakeets etc. Lots and lots of coloured... Learn More
  88. Rattan Crinkle Flower Shredding Toy
        A natural wicker half flower with shredding paper easily accesible for your bird to encourage... Learn More
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    Rattan Flower Bird Toy
    Special Price £4.00 Regular Price £4.50
        Natural rattan flower filled with coloured crinkle paper and added leather.  Suitable for African... Learn More
  90. Hanging Jackstraw Wooden Bird Toy
        A truly fun wooden bird toy made from natural smoked wood making your bird chew and enjoy this toy more... Learn More
  91. Crazy Diamond Wood & Leather Bird Toy
        Crazy leather diamond with hanging rope and wood, a great toy for African Greys, Amazons, less... Learn More
  92. Double Dice Medium Bird Toy
        African Greys, Amazons and similar sized birds will love this corn husk toy with bird safe doce and... Learn More
  93. Dancing Dice Bird Toy
        The toy that dances as your bird plays with it! With a natural perch top, colourful cotton and bird... Learn More
  94. Corn Husk Ties Small Bird Shredding Toy
        Natural preenable and shreddable corn husk with wooden pieces and plastic beads, the perfect toy for... Learn More
  95. Spin Me Wood Bird Toy
        Two chunky natural wooden discs encase these bird safe coloured wooden pieces for your bird to chew. A... Learn More
  96. Cotton Cogs Wooden Bird Toy
        It`s all about shape with this toy. Our bird safe coloured wooden pieces are a variety of cogs, blocks... Learn More
  97. Loopy Smoked Wood Bird Toy
        Chunky natural smoked wooden log with hanging beads and rings, a fun toy for Amazons, Eclectus, African... Learn More
  98. Tumble Down Wood & Rope Bird Toy - 70cm
        Tumbling down this toy is an array of wooden pieces, natural wood, smoked wood and bird safe coloured... Learn More