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    Busy Beak Balloon With Edible Calcium
    Fun chewable wicker ball with crinkle paper, twisted paper and an edible chunk of calcium and bee pollen. Size 20cm x... Learn More
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    Healthy Beak Mineral Block Bird Toy
    Your birds health is very important. Here not only with the minerals in these 2 stones help your bird remain healthy... Learn More
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    Ice Cream Minerals
    Three fruity mineral blocks in fun ice cream shapes. Let your bird nibble away at them to benefit from essential... Learn More
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    Scarletts Hormone Harmony R Leaf Bird Tea
    R Leaves are known to help settle hormone imbalances. Our high strength organic mix is suited to all bird types. Place... Learn More
  5. Psittacus Silex Bird Grit 1.5kg Coarse
    This product is indicated for birds with a marked granivorous specialization, especially parrots This sand is... Learn More
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    Mineral Slats Toy
    A great healthy toy for wearing down beaks. Lots of wooden slats with 2 large mineral stones. Chewing fun! 16 x 10cm... Learn More
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    Versele Laga Pick Block 350g - With Grit
    Balanced combination of several kinds of grit, sea coral and flint grit. Rich in trace elements and iodine. Necessary... Learn More
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    Versele Laga Clay Bloc Mini
    For all small birds. Composition based on fresh clay, grit and flint grit. A source of minerals and essential trace... Learn More
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    Ice Cream Sundae Minerals
    Chewable ice cream minerals with wooden round pieces. Great nutritionally with calcium and minerals. Size 20cm (15cm... Learn More
  10. Pack of 2 Mineral Lollipops
    Pack of 2 mineral lollipops. Your bird can hold the stick and chew on the stones ingesting the essential minerals or... Learn More
  11. Gold Wings Small Bird Orange Energy Block
    This a versatile nutritional supplement that Budgerigars, Canaries and Parakeet type birds love eating and gives... Learn More
  12. Gold Wings Small Bird Banana Energy Block
    This a versatile nutritional supplement that Budgerigars, Canaries and Parakeet type birds love eating and gives... Learn More
  13. Loro Parque Bird Mineral Block 400g
    A healthy balance of different types of grit, sea algae, calcium, soluble minerals, trace elements and iodine. Learn More
  14. Orlux Amazon River Clay Block 550g
    This block provides the minerals and trace elements naturally found on the banks of the Amazon river in Brazil Learn More
  15. Better Beak Trimmer Small
        Allow your bird to instinctively chew and grind his beak down on this solid yet fun looking toy. This... Learn More
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    5 large pieces Cuttlefish Bone For Caged Birds
      Suitable for all birds. A very high quality supplement for caged birds. 5 Pieces Learn More
  17. Crushed Charcoal Bird Supplement 500ml
        Mix with bird seed daily or sprinkle on the cage for them to forage. Fights hyperacidity and absorbs... Learn More

Health blocks can be hung in the cage or attached to the side. If you find your bird isn`t using them you can grate them onto food to make sure they benefit from the goodness.