Trick & Training Toys

Trick & Training Toys
Trick & Training Toys

A wide selection of trick & training parrot toys is available for all species of parrots and parakeets. The lowest prices and the best choice of bird toys across the UK. We stock hundreds of leading brands of trick & training parrot toys as well as many unique toys you won't find anywhere else!

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  1. Doors Puzzle Activity Box Bird Toy
        A series of wooden drawers which you can hide treats inside, the bird must remove the end drawer and... Learn More
  2. Teach Bank Puzzle Toy and Teach Box - Medium
        The Teach Box is, in fact, 2 games in 1. The Teach Box is a game of initiation to training. With this... Learn More
  3. New
    Birdie Shopping Trolley Trick Toy
        Place treats in a line and teach your bird which treat to collect for his trolley, alternatively teach him to... Learn More
  4. Sale
    Coloured Cubes Game Medium Bird Puzzle Toy
    Special Price £8.50 Regular Price £8.99
          Hide treats in just one or 2 of the boxes and teach your bird colours by teling him which box... Learn More
  5. Out of stock
    Acrylic Puzzle Shape Sorter - Bird Puzzle Toy
        Each of the shapes has a beak sized peg to pick it up by, encourage your bird to set them in the... Learn More
  6. Birdie Jigsaw Puzzle - Bird Training Toy
        Birds love t learn. This is a toy you can enjoy with your bird teaching him to fit the letters in the... Learn More
  7. Acrylic Puzzle Shape Sorter- Small Parrot
        Teach your bird colours and shapes with this stimulating brain challenging game. Birds are very... Learn More
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    Bird Roller Skates - Parrot Trick Toy
    Special Price £4.50 Regular Price £6.00
        A fun trick training item to be used with supervision. Train your bird kindly using lots of praise and... Learn More
  9. New
    Birdie Shopping Basket Large - Training Trick Toy
    Birds can be trained to collect toys and add them to the shopping basket, moving it by pushing it along a flat surface.... Learn More
  10. New
    Birdie Hoopla Trick Training Toy
    Birds are very intelligent and require stimulation. The hoopla toy is great to use with supervision encouraging first... Learn More
  11. Birdy Babble Ball On Hanging Chain
        Robust Interactive Bird Toy On Hanging Chain. Makes lots of noises when hit against the bars Suits... Learn More
  12. New
    Bird Shopping Basket - Training Trick Toy
        Smaller birds can be trained to collect toys and add them to the shopping basket, moving it by pushing it along... Learn More
  13. Puzzle Drawers Medium Bird Puzzle Foraging Toy
          Simple yet effective your bird must remove the wooden drawers to optain your hidden treat. You... Learn More
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