Your bird’s surrounding is very important, and it is difficult to find the right location in your house for your birdcage. Getting a good location is an essential part of having a pet bird. Your bird’s environment is important for its well-being and picking a location that is well-placed and not directly under the sun will make it much easier and more enjoyable for you and your bird’s. These are some suggestions to help find the right place in your house to keep your bird:

Always keep your bird cage on eye level: 

When you decide a location to put your bird cage, please make sure your bird cage is not too low or too high. We suggest you keep the cage at eye level. Some bird’s like Parrots get afraid and restless; if the cage is too low. Depending on the size of your bird cage, keeping the cage between your chest and eye level will be a safe suggestion for large bird cages especially. 

Human Communication: 

Always Keep your birdcage in a location where your birds can often see and interact with people. Mostly birds love attention and would be fed up in an empty or unused room. On the other hand, please make sure that you don’t put the bird cage stand in one of the high-traffic and high-volume area of your house, because high noise and disorder will cause the bird to be fretful and could lead to health issues.

Walls Corners and Windows: 

If your birdcage is in the center of your room, birds will feel uneasy and nervous. We suggest a corner of the location, bird’s need minimum one side of their cage or cage stand against a wall, because they consider that it provides them with a feeling of security. It’s best to place the cage or stand in the corner where they can have two walls. Moreover, you should not put your bird’s enclosure in front of a window directly, as outside elements like animals, loud noise, and storms will scare them. On the windows the temperature can quickly change as well. A limited view of a window is good.

Heat and Air Conditioning: 

Your bird cage stand should be on perfect location, so do not keep your birds close to a heat or air conditioner, because the hasty change in temperature is not good for their health.

Prohibited Rooms: 

You should not keep your birdcage in forbidden spaces like the kitchen or bathroom. If you put your cage in kitchen, the temperature can get too hot for them, moreover the gasses from kitchen can be dangerous. Other factors include flames and dangerous appliances make the kitchen perfidious for any bird. On the other hand, do not keep your birdcage in the bathroom. The bathroom temperature and humidity are always changing and exposes your bird to many deadly chemicals such as shampoo, soap and hairspray that could easily poison the bird.

Toxic Places: 

Keep your bird’s cage or bird’s stand away from anything that could be dangerous to the bird. This includes away from air fresheners and candles as well as poisonous plants. If you smoke in the house, make sure you don’t smoke near your bird. The hazes from cigarettes can be poisonous to a bird.