All you need to know about the Eclectus parrot

All you need to know about the Eclectus parrot

The Eclectus bird aside from having a mesmerizing appearance is also a great companion.

Its feathers have a fur-like appearance and its females are mostly coloured bright red while the males are coloured bright green with a ‘candy corn’ coloured beak. For this reason, the Eclectus parrot is referred to as one of the most sexually dimorphic birds in the world.


Eclectus Behaviour

They are intelligent and gentle birds who welcome members of the family due to their tranquil nature. Even though they do not tolerate frantic activity or constant disturbing noise, they are pretty good with children.

The female Eclectus parrots have strong nesting tendencies and might be tilted towards seeking out nest sites in dark and enclosed areas around the home, such as in cupboards and underneath furniture. Females Eclectus can be quite territorial, especially during the breeding season. When you keep a male and female pair, the female will likely be the bossier of the two.



Eclectus Care

The Eclectus parrot is a very active bird that needs a spacious cage and plenty of out-of-cage time to interact with you.

When purchasing your Eclectus home, be sure to buy the largest cage that your home and budget can afford — these birds can become restless and unhappy when confined.

They are playful by nature and will need a multitude of toys to be chewed and destroyed. You could get your parrot toys here.  Be sure that your Eclectus gets plenty of attention and activity. Eclectus can keep themselves busy but need you to offer the stimulating objects to give them “jobs” to do.



Eclectus Toy

Keeping your feathered friend busy and creating an avenue to keep your Eclectus beaks busy is one of the never-ending challenges of owning a parrot. This should also be one of your topmost priorities as a bird owner. 

Toys have a large role to play in the well-being of your companion parrot. Toys help facilitate the necessary activities that these curious and intelligent creatures must have to stay physically and mentally healthy. If your parrot spends most of its days locked in its cage with little to occupy its beak or mind, it gets deprived of the stimulation that it needs to stay psychologically healthy.

We have a series of toys for your Eclectus here.


Eclectus Food

Since Eclectus parrots have a longer digestive tract than other bird species, they need a low-fat, high-fibre diet that is not overly fortified with vitamins and minerals.  This will help avoid fatty tumours from developing, as well as prevent vitamin and mineral toxicities. They generally benefit from more fruit and vegetables (especially those higher in Vitamin A) in their diet, as well as pelleted food.

Need other suggestions, we have some Eclectus food, seed mixes and treat soaking food here.


Eclectus Cages

You need to provide your Eclectus parrot with a large birdcage. Consider buying a custom parrot cage that is designed specifically for your bird’s needs. If you intend to put more than one Eclectus in the same cage, do not. Eclectus parrots get along exceptionally well as a pair. However, we advise that you have one female with a male for a long time.

We have some cages suitable for your Eclectus here.

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