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F10 Odour Eliminator 500ml

F10 Odour Eliminator

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Available in: 500 ml bottles with trigger spray

F10® Odour Eliminator is a ready to use, diluted F10®SC with added pine fragrance which can be used as a pre-diluted disinfectant or purely as an odour eliminator by spraying onto a surface, or into the air. Kills the cause of the odour rather than just masking the smell. 100% safe around all birds

F10 Odour Eliminator

  • As a high level disinfectant for hard surfaces and air spaces
  • Slight pine fragrance
  • Ideal for eliminating odours and their cause such as urine.
  • Can safely be sprayed into the air or on surfaces and fabrics e.g. car upholstery, furniture.