Rainforest Parrot Indoor Bird Aviary With Base & Grills

Large indoor parrot aviary, with base on wheels and 3 pull out grills and trays. Recommended for African greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Macaws etc. 219 x 158 x 210cm with 5ml bar strength


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The Parrot Aviary features a front wire door. The style and shape of the aviary make this a lovely feature in the garden where your bird can enjoy the benefits of natural UV light and fresh air or indoors as ideally recommended to prevent the powder coating from peeling.. The Aviary is a tough construction for larger Parrots such as Macaws Cockatoos or Amazons and African Greys. Suitable for: Parrots and Birds, also some larger animals like Monkeys.This comes with a metal base on wheels with 3 metal pull out grills and trays for cleaning
Aviary Width 219cm x Depth 158 x Height  210cm
Bar Spacing on aviary 2.5cm
Bar strength 5mm
3 bowls included
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Additional Info Zinc Free Powder Coated Finish
Supplied in 3 Boxes
Box 1 191 x 125 x 10cm Weight 61kg
Box 2 187 x 125 x 9cm Weight 57kg
Box 3 187 x 56 x 23cm Weight 54kg
2 Working Day Pallet Delivery
Animal/Species African Grey, Amazon, Eclectus, Galah & Smaller Cockatoo, Large Macaw & Cockatoo
Manufacturer Rainforest Cages
Product Type Large Cages
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