Quaker/Parrotlet Perches

Quaker/Parrotlet Perches
Quaker/Parrotlet Perches

A guide to perches for Quakers & Parrotlets

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  1. Sea Shell Perch Small Nail Trimming
    Made from crushed shells these perches help t trim birds nails and beaks. Ideally positioned by a food bowl so they... Learn More
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    Tooty Calcium & Pollen Edible Perch Medium
    Edible bird perch rich in calcium, iodine and bee pollen. Colours and flavours vary Size approx 22cm x 4cm diameter Learn More
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    Concrete Bump Perch Small - Nail Trimming
    Concrete perches with a flat yet shaped surface can be rotated and used on the edge. Gentle on birds feet but also trim... Learn More
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    Mineral Platform Nail Trimming Bird Perch
    Flat mineral perch which trims birds nails as well as providing minerals and nutrients. Useful for young birds and... Learn More
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    Happy Perch - Medium Window Perch
    Colourful beads encased in this tough moulded perch, fixes to a smooth surface with the suckers. A great way to let... Learn More
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    Hanging Bird Multigym Perch
    Hanging play area with 2 perching areas coated with nail trimming sanded finish. Easy wipe clean material with preening... Learn More
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    Fruity Wood Nibbler Perch Small
    Wooden fruit flavoured ribbed perch for small birds.  Size 8cm long x 2cm diameter Colours vary Learn More
  8. Hagen Scented Rope Perch Small 16mm x 38cm
        Rope Perch 16mm x 38cm Long Tightly woven rope perch with plastic fittings to attach to the cage. One... Learn More
  9. Bush Rope Small Bird Rope Toy
        Cotton rope perch/toy with frayed ends. We recommend supervision with rope toys, however, this has been... Learn More
  10. Pollys Original Sand Walk Sanded Perch Medium
    Lightweight and resistant to extreme temperature changes. Shapes and Curves to be gently trim nails For... Learn More
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    Pollys Guiding Light Small Perch
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £6.00
    Helps birds settle to roost providing a gradual transition to darkness. They light for approx 30 minutes once it is... Learn More
  12. Sanded 'T' Small Bird Perch
    Sanded T Perch. Suitable for parakeets and Budgies and other similar sized birds. Makes a great landing area... Learn More
  13. Bendy Rope Bird Perch Medium
        Cotton rope perch with cage attachments at both ends. (metal not plastic) Suitable for African Greys,... Learn More
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    T Perch Table Trainer - Bird Stand
          Small and lightweight you can easily carry the stand to different rooms, perfect for putting so... Learn More
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    Landing Perch Small Parrot
          This perch can be attached to the cage horizontally as a landing bar or vertically to the top... Learn More
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    Edible Iodine Health Bird Perch Small Bird
        Our calcium and iodine bird perches are not only healthy for your bird when they chew and eat them but... Learn More
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    Sanded Shelf Bird Perch - Nail Trimming
        Sanded flat bird perch which trims your birds nails gently and his beak as he chews the wood beneath... Learn More
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    Nail Trimming Twisted Perch Small
        This perch is twisted to give thicker and thinner points avoiding pressure sores on your birds feet but... Learn More
  19. Pollys Featherweight Nail Trimming Perch Small
        Longlife perch providing safe non slip, naturally insulated material for your bird to stand on. Great... Learn More
  20. Pollys Twister Small Nail Trimming Perch
        As well as longlife, non slip, natural insulation this Twister Perch eliminates foot pressure... Learn More
  21. Pollys Beach Sands Perch Small
    Made from fine sand grains to gently trim nails. The dimpled surface protects the birds foot pads and the... Learn More
  22. Pollys Desert Sands Perch Small
        Made from textured desert sanding for extra nail trimming. Lightweight Size 5.5 x 1" Suits all... Learn More
  23. Pollys Manu Mineral Perch Small - Edible
        Contains the very same 9 minerals found in the Manu Rivers mineral rich clay in identical... Learn More
  24. Java MultiBranch Extra Small
    Multi Branch Java Perches are made from the wood of a coffe tree. Stripped of the bark, baked and sanded smooth they... Learn More
  25. Out of stock
    Java MultiBranch Small
    Multi Branch Java Perches are made from the wood of a coffe tree. Stripped of the bark, baked and sanded smooth they... Learn More
  26. Pollys Roll or Swing Small
        With new polycarbonate toughened wheels on either side & Nail trimming perch Approx 1" diameter x... Learn More
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