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Triple Decker Chew Tower

Triple Decker Tower

Review Triple Decker Chew Tower
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The maize mat layers on this Triple Decker Chew Tower toy sandwich together three plastic shapes, the maize mats can be lifted slightly and you can place treats in the centre rings, which your bird can enjoy working out how best to retrieve. 

The woven maize mats are tightly wound, making them more durable then you may think. Pet birds and Parrots are sure to enjoy pulling them apart, un-ravelling them and crunching up all the pieces. 

The plastic shape 'fillings' have grooved parts in to which seeds can be wedged for more foraging fun.

Fitted to the bottom is a plastic flower shaped disc onto which plastic chain links and dummy shaped pacifiers have been attached. Parrots can easily move these parts around making the dummies rattle about and the shiny bell chime

Suitable for smaller birds such as Caiques, Senegals, small African Greys etc

Size Approx 20 x 8cm

Triple Decker Chew Tower
Review Triple Decker Chew Tower