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    Johnsons Fruit N Honey Bell Budgie Parakeet
    A natural & wholesome treat with selected seeds and honey.Enriched with various fruits including apple, banana,... Learn More
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    Parrot Bumper Bar Seed Treat
    Extra-large sized treat bars. Wholesome treat with selected seeds, nuts etc.Enriched with honey.175g Learn More
  3. Out of stock
    Johnsons Seed Bell Budgie
    A tasty treat for Budgies and smaller Parakeets. Natural and wholesome seeds enriched with honey 34g Learn More
  4. New
    JOHNSONS Fruity Sticks for Cockatiels, Parrots 45g
    A natural and wholesome treat with selected seeds, nuts, cereals and honeyEnriched with various fruits including apple,... Learn More